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   Chapter 1191 Does It Have Any More Advantages

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It was then that Charles's smiling face settled into a tense stillness. "But you know, this is a rare golden chance for Info Newspaper. All of you will suffer a loss if you miss this opportunity."

Deep down in his mind, Watkins completely agreed with what Charles had said.

For him, persuading the management of Info Newspaper to transfer their shares to Charles was indeed a bet, but even if his bet failed, Watkins personally wouldn't suffer any loss. It was well known that in the case of an internet tidal wave, it was the traditional print media organizations that were impacted first. But the extent to which these organizations were affected depended on how fierce the tidal wave was.

A lot of media professionals were too obsessed with traditional media, not because they couldn't correctly appraise the current situation, but because they were reluctant to waive their vested benefits.

For example, Kodar was the first enterprise that invented digital cameras. It had clearly realized that digital cameras would dominate the market in the future. However, it had strongly resisted research, development, and popularization of digital cameras, because it had still wanted to profit considerably from photographic films. As a result, it lost its market share.

Of course, the rapid development of digital cameras was not the sole cause of Kodar's failure. However, it was beyond doubt that this was the most important reason for this company's demise.

It wasn't that the management of Kodar hadn't realized how serious the consequences of their decision to not develop and popularize digital cameras could be. However, they had bet on the possibility that the company would survive without promoting digital cameras—and their bet had failed.

Since Watkins had been firmly determined to give up a lifelong secure job at a university for a job at a media firm, he was, of course, a resolute man. And Jethro Chen, the current boss of Info Newspaper, was quite ambitious even though he was old. Watkins believed that Jethro Chen would probably raise no objection if all the other managers of Info Newspaper agreed to transfer the shares to Charles.

Right now, what Watkins was really worried about was his personal dignity and fame.

After all, the managerial personnel of Info Newspaper had been getting along quite well with the Propaganda Department and the Science and Technology Association of Mountain City. In a sense, they were all like-minded and always collaborated with one another.

But now, if the management of Info Newspaper transferred their shares to Charles and stood by his side, it would be akin to betraying the two superior authorities.

Watkins's head was starting to hurt as he thought about these issues. Finally, he said, "Fine, but how would we solve the policy problems? Info Newspaper is a regular newspaper agency with an exclusive publication number. According to the national rules, no investor can become the controlling sha

ers might find a way to profit more from Info Newspapers once its portal becomes well-developed."

Kent shook his head in confusion. "To build a portal, we can cooperate with as many internet companies as we wish. I just can't understand why you're only focusing your attention on Info Newspaper. My original plan was to invest in Info Newspaper in exchange for only 10 to 20 percent of its shares. In that way, we will be able to profit considerably from our investment without bearing high risks."

Before Charles could explain, Kent added, "But now, you insist on becoming the controlling shareholder—no, the absolute controlling shareholder, for the mere purpose of building a portal. Since it takes up so much of our time to negotiate with them and it's so difficult to reach an agreement with them, why do you insist on cooperating with Info Newspaper? Can't we find another partner? I think we can find another team to build a portal, can't we?"

Charles shook his head. "Of course we can find another partner, but Info Newspaper is the most suitable company for building the portal."

Kent stared at Charles with puzzled eyes. "Oh? Why is that?"

Charles explained with patience, "Info Newspaper's first advantage is its talents. Almost all the members of its management team are experts who excel in different fields and complement one another's strengths. The company's next advantage is its resources. Since it is a media organization, it is beyond doubt that it enjoys substantial advantages in media resources. I think you are more than clear about those."

"Does it have any more advantages?" Kent asked in a neutral tone without commenting on Charles's explanation so far.

Charles nodded. "Last but not least, do you know the intrinsic nature of a portal? In essence, a portal is just a medium. To put it bluntly, it is an internet medium. And as we all know, Info Newspaper is a media agency, so it undoubtedly outperforms its rivals with innate advantages."

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