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   Chapter 1189 Lasted For Two Years

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Charles had persuaded Kent to invest in Info Newspapers, because he had discovered another business opportunity. Info Newspaper was a fast-growing authoritative media organization in the internet industry. Charles thought that he would be able to dominate the internet industry as long as he could keep Info Newspaper under his control.

In his eyes, one should never underestimate the power of media.

Looking at the doubtful expression on Watkins's face, Charles said with a smile, "What I mentioned just now are specific tactics that Info Newspaper could adopt in the next one to two years. Strategically, Info Newspaper ought to start making its news electronic and internet-oriented as soon as possible, since it is favored by many investors."

After hearing these words from Charles, Watkins felt refreshed. "Do you mean that Info Newspaper should introduce electronic newspapers? We're already working on it. The electronic newspapers will be launched online at the end of next month and widely spread among different communities."

Shaking his head with a smile, Charles explained clearly and slowly, "Info Newspaper has to build a portal mainly for providing internet information services."

By now, the conversation between Charles and Watkins was less like an interview and more like an investor teaching an investee how to start a business.

Much to Charles's surprise, Info Newspaper, Software for Ordinary People, which enjoyed great popularity among the public, and a few other large-scale enterprises had a great chance to build their own portals. However, none of them had seized that chance yet.

Even in some developed foreign countries, very few traditional media organizations had launched an internet portal.

For instance, a newspaper agency that had provided news services for more than 800 media organizations from 58 countries had launched a website in the same name in 1994.

But in 2013, it had made no great breakthrough with its website and had been acquired at just 250 million dollars.

Charles thought that these traditional media organizations all shared something in common: they hadn't taken the fast development of the internet seriously. They hadn't even made preparations for the impact of the internet. As a result, many of them had eventually gone bankrupt.

But comparatively, this was not a serious problem for domestic media organizations. In particular, managers of present domestic emerging media organizations were all energetic, high-spirited and very good at accepting novelties. These domestic organizations had many talents who were farsighted and knowledgeable.

All these organizations had advanced technology, superior resources, and nume

net, I am sure that a considerable amount of money will be needed to build a portal. If the portal is not quite profitable, I think our leaders won't favor building a portal."

Charles smiled. "Have you heard of Xina Corporation?" Watkins nodded in a daze as he replied, "Sure, I even posted on their social website right before this interview."

With his lips slightly pursed at the corners, Charles stated, "Xina Corporation has created a typical portal, which is being transformed to provide comprehensive services. Now, this portal is worth 70 billion dollars."

Watkins couldn't help getting goose bumps upon hearing the figure. "70 billion dollars?" he echoed in shock.

Charles nodded gravely. "Yes. Xina Corporation has been developing steadily ever since it was listed. After reading up about it online, I found that at the end of last month, the market value of Xina Corporation had exceeded 70 billion dollars. As its users, we just make a few posts and read several pieces of news through this portal every day, but we could never have imagined that its market value would be so amazingly high!"

After recovering from the shock, Watkins felt overwhelmed by the great desire that was forming deep in his mind.

70 billion dollars was such a high figure that it had stunned Watkins. He really couldn't believe that a company could be so profitable. And now, the number of users on Xina Corporation's portal was still increasing. 'Then, how much will its market value increase?' Watkins wondered.

"Well, there is something else that will shock you even more," Charles continued. He dangled another piece of tempting bait as he said, "As far as I know, Xina Corporation was running at a loss in the early stages of its establishment, and this situation lasted for almost two years."

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