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   Chapter 1188 Became Charles's Business Partner

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What a pity. The discussion with the marketing manager of the Network Art Corporation wasn't fruitful. They hadn't reached any agreement, but Charles and Linda did enjoy the food in that famous hotpot shop.

After obtaining the news that Charles and Linda were coming to Mountain City, a reporter from the Info Newspaper of Mountain City contacted them. Charles had a plan to expand his business in the Internet industry, so he accepted the invitation from Info Newspaper for an interview without any hesitation. The interview was scheduled at 10 o'clock the next day.

Info Newspaper was attached to the Science and Technology Association of Mountain City. Their offices were also rented by the Science and Technology Association. In order to make it convenient for Info Newspaper to contact them, Charles and Linda stayed in the hotel that Info Newspaper arranged for them.

Unfortunately, the hotel was located in an area where a lot of construction was going on. There were many cranes and forklifts which were being used to demolish old buildings, making loud noises throughout the night. Charles and Linda didn't manage to get a good night's sleep.

The next day, Charles and Linda appeared in the office of the Info Newspaper with exhausted faces.

The one who was responsible for their interview was Watkins Li. He had taken a great interest in the young couple after learning about their achievements, so he had obtained the approval of his superiors to have this interview.

Actually, Watkins Li himself was a young talent. He had been admitted to the Mountain City University at the age of 17 and finished all the courses of doctoral degree in the field of photo-electricity when he was only 27. He had just started to work at Info Newspaper last year.

The reason why he wanted to work as a reporter here was simple: he wanted to make money!

Watkins Li was qualified to be a teacher or a professor at his college, but when he had seen his old professor with grey hair having to bargain with the peddlers in the market to save just a few cents, he had decided not to lead the same life as his professors.

Therefore, after contacting Info Newspaper, he had given up the chance to work at his college. Even though he didn't know much about the Internet industry, he could sense that this was the potential field to make good money in the future.

And Charles had set a good example for him.

As for Charles, there was another very important reason why he had accepted this interview: this newspaper had been invested in by Kent Zha

ght that Charles hadn't said anything useful to him. What Charles had said was true, of course. But in Watkins Li's eyes, Charles didn't have the kind of powerful aura that other elite people in his position did. Usually, such people would have innovative and unconventional ideas. However, he found Charles to be a little conservative!

In fact, Charles had just given some advice about how they could develop the newspaper and what they could do about the market. He didn't talk too much about how the market would change in the future, so he hadn't put forward any shocking forecasts.

It wasn't because Charles didn't want to talk about it. Since Kent had invested in Info Newspaper, Charles, of course, wished that it could grow more and more.

But Charles had his own apprehension about this. The Internet was developing rapidly. If Info Newspaper wanted to keep up with the development of the Internet, it should lay a solid foundation first.

If it changed too much in a short time, it would be too risky.

The one who took the lead step by step would be successful. The one who shot up at once would easily become a loser.

Charles didn't want Info Newspaper to change too much in a short time to be a pathfinder.

That was why he always gave some small but feasible suggestions to the companies he had invested in. He never made any rash decisions. Companies that were shut down due to poor decision-making by the management were far more than companies that were shut down because of competition.

The reason why Kent had invested in Info Newspaper was because Charles had advised him to do so. After Charles and Kent had settled their issues, they had become business partners.

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