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   Chapter 1187 Shocked

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At last, the First Chemical Works was taken over by Zeus Industrial International.

Jordon had been removed from his government post and jailed. Furthermore, five former employees of the First Chemical Works, including Fenton, the former Factory Director, as well as the Director of the Financial Department and one of the accountants, had also been imprisoned for various crimes.

Zeus Industrial International got down to business straight away. They took inventory of the assets of the First Chemical Works right after entering into the acquisition agreement with the municipal government. Previously, it was revealed that the financial statements of the First Chemical Works had been falsified. In reality, it was not as insolvent as portrayed by Director Fenton. The amount of liabilities presented on the financial statements was almost 28 million dollars higher than the actual debts borne by the plant.

As a result, the previous administrators and the municipal government had believed that the First Chemical Works was on the brink of bankruptcy.

When Zeus Industrial International took over the First Chemical Works, trusted auditors were tasked to review and verify the accuracy of financial records, including the record of credits and debts and proof of claim. The auditing was performed in strict compliance with corresponding procedures and standards.

As a result, every dirty trick that had been committed by Jordon and Fenton was spotted easily.

The prompt auditing process couldn't have been possible without Dale's efforts.

He had stayed in the First Chemical Works for two months to work undercover, so he had generally understood the situation of the plant. Without his help, the clues and proofs couldn't have been found so easily.

In recognition of his valuable efforts, Dale was appointed by Zeus Industrial International as Director of the Production Department of the newly acquired First Chemical Works.

The other minority shareholders did not raise any objection to this appointment owing to Dale's contributions to the company.

It was beyond doubt that Dale was competent. After his appointment, he recruited Cade Zhang, an expert chemical engineer from Union Chemicals. Only recently, Hiawatha Chemicals had approached Cade Zhang with an offer of a higher salary. As a result, he had resigned from his job to move to SH City.

Dale had talked with Cade Zhang and offered to hire him as chief technology officer of the joint venture.

His purpose of hiring this man was to make use of the technology that Mino Technology had transferred to Zeus Industrial International.

This employment opportunity had been the saving grace for Cade Zhang.

Originally, Hiawatha Chemicals, as part of its plan to strengthen its hold in the chemical industry, had hired him to serve as chief technology officer of the First Chemical Works. He was promised a pay of 500, 000 dollars a year after the successful acquisition.

However, what happened was that Hiawatha Chemicals had failed in the bid and its CEO had been imprisoned. Since the First Chemical Works was not acquired by Hiawatha Chemicals, he no longer served a purpose in the company. Lenny Nalan was not a kind man.

He would not pay Cade Zhang for doing nothing in the company. He would rather get rid of him early on instead of giving him a free ride. As a result, Cade Zhang had been fired a few days after Hiawatha Chemicals failed to take over the First Chemical Works. Le

Charles had come to this city, accompanied by only Linda and Dragon. As soon as they got off the plane, Linda inhaled sharply.

"Honey, I seem to have smelled my favorite scent in the air here." Linda spread her arms and inhaled deeply.

Linda felt her body begin to loosen up. She had not felt this relieved and relaxed for a long time.

Looking at his happy wife, Charles smiled in contentment. They immediately went to the taxi bay and directly hailed a cab to bring them to one of the restaurants downtown. The three of them had been very hungry.

As soon as they arrived downtown, Linda rushed towards a restaurant. Undoubtedly, they went here to eat hotpot, a type of meal which Mountain City was most famous for.

The hotpot restaurant they visited was pretty extraordinary.

It was also served as a shooting site of a well-known movie.

Before coming to this city, Charles had gotten in touch with Network Art Corporation to negotiate with them about a project.

Linda was so excited to eat her favorite hotpot that Charles had made his appointment in this famous hotspot shop.

Just as the hotpot soup was served, two people, a male and a female, walked into the shop.

At the sight of Charles, the two people hurriedly walked towards his table.

Bowing politely, the man introduced himself in a hurry. "Mr. Mu, welcome to this city. I am Samson Sun, the Marketing Manager of Network Art Corporation. This is my secretary."

At the end of her manager's introduction, the female secretary politely greeted Charles, and as she was about to come straight to the topic, Charles interrupted her.

"Eat the hotpot first. All of us are hungry. Let's talk about the business after finishing the hotpot." As he uttered these words, he stood up from his chair and went straight to the sauce zone on one side of the shop.

Samson Sun had intended to tell Charles how to eat the hotpot of Mountain City.

But he saw Charles skillfully mixing condiments such as garlic sauce, sesame oil and soy sauce.

He was so astonished to see this that he unconsciously said, "Mr. Mu, you seem knowledgeable about Mountain City's way of eating hotpot. I've found that many northerners are shocked to see that there is no sesame paste but only a small dish of sesame oil when they come here to eat a hotpot."

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