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   Chapter 1186 Without Saying Anything More

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Originally, Andrew hadn't been confident about winning the bid. On the other hand, Linda had known that they would win for sure. After all, in the past, she had helped Charles make considerable investments amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars.

She herself had personally been involved in several large bids.

So naturally, she was far more experienced than almost all the other personnel of Zeus Industrial International to make preparations for a bid.

She had made all the preparations for the takeover prior to the bid.

Before the bid, she had already known that her company would win. To a certain extent, these were the most essential requirements for taking part in a bid.

For the purpose of winning this bid, the acquisition plan of Zeus Industrial International had covered an undertaking about the amount of cumulative investments, a plan for establishing a joint venture, employee resettlement, cooperation with Mino Technology, and promotion of sister cities.

With Charles's support, this plan had almost touched upon every aspect that the municipal government of SH City was concerned about.

It had satisfied the needs of all parties concerned.

With such a perfect acquisition plan, Zeus Industrial International had inevitably won the bid. The truth was, Linda hadn't cared much about their rival, Hiawatha Chemicals.

She had known that, though he was behind the scenes, Lenny was the one who was competing with her for the bid.

Since Lenny was her uncle, Linda was very clear about what kind of person he was. She had also known that he would definitely be outsmarted.

Therefore, Linda had directly asked Andrew to prepare for this party, even though she'd known that he was worried that they wouldn't win the bid.

The top senior managers of Mino Technology had come to the banquet as well.

In addition, Linda had invited some relevant leaders of the commission for discipline inspection and the municipal committee to this party. Chandler had brought two vice directors, and Mathews had brought Wally.

These important figures and leaders had come to the party to offer their congratulations to Zeus Industrial International in person.

Charles was not the host of this banquet. Instead, he was here as an investor of Zeus Industrial International.

Now, Charles wasn't afraid of associating with Mathews in public at all. He wouldn't care even if someone investigated his relationship with Mathews. After all, both of them had never done anything illegal.

This party offered a golden chance for Charles to develop more personal ties.

He had to deal with people from different walks of life if he wanted to make great achievements in his businesses.

Under Linda's management, Zeus Industrial International had now entrusted its equity accounting to two leading global accounting firms.

Furthermore, since Andrew had joined this company, it was totally impossible for any other company to

o conceal what she was thinking anymore.

With her intense and affectionate gaze fixed on Andrew, she asked like a spoiled child, "What do you want me to do?"

Overhearing their conversation, Linda, who stood beside Beryl and Andrew, couldn't stand it anymore. Thus, she walked closer to them and said, "Well, since the two of you have clearly taken a fancy to each other, there is no need to hide your true feelings anymore.

I think you can try dating each other. What do you think?"

After hearing Linda's suggestion, Andrew took a few moments to think about it, and then suddenly looked determined. In a resolute voice, he said to Beryl, "Well, Beryl, I think you can continue working in our company as my assistant. Do you agree?"

Before Beryl could reply, Andrew interrupted her and continued, "I can't give you anything now. But please wait for me. After I win this battle, I will give you whatever you want."

Beryl firmly nodded after affectionately gazing at Andrew for quite a long while.

Staring at the way Beryl and Andrew talked to each other, Linda was suddenly reminded of the days she had first gotten to know Charles.

Just then, an arm slipped around her waist. "What's wrong? Are you recollecting the past again?"

Charles gently held Linda in his arms.

His warmth and love had been the most unforgettable and valuable things that Charles had given her in her hard times.

"I'm okay. I was just thinking of some people," Linda replied with a bright smile.

She knew that Charles was happy today, and she didn't want to ruin his mood.

"Honey," Charles comforted in a gentle voice while holding Linda more tightly in his arms.

Then, he continued, "I will give you all that you want and make all your wishes come true as long as I am alive. I will be with you and back you up forever."

Linda turned around and her vision blurred with tears.

Without saying anything more, she gave Charles a tender kiss on his cheek.

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