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   Chapter 1185 It Dawned On Him How Important Money Was

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While some people were thinking about how Mathews would be punished and some others were worrying about him, Mathews remained very calm.

At this point, he was drinking tea inside Chandler's office.

"Mathews, I am very clear about your temper and demeanor. Anyway, you're not cunning enough to even know how to take a bribe,"

Chandler teased.

"Since you trust me, why did you confront me about it and waste so much time?" Mathews asked with a smile after taking a sip of tea.

He took a look at the pictures that Hiawatha had submitted to Chandler as proof for accusing Mathews of his crime. While looking at the pictures one after another, he suddenly burst into laughter.

"Chandler, look at my side profile in these pictures. I still look so handsome. You know what?

I was very handsome when I was young."

Staring at the smile on Mathews's face, Chandler couldn't help shaking his head. He admired Mathews a lot because, in spite of the accusation, he was still in the mood to appreciate the pictures. Just then, Chandler's secretary walked in, followed by a man.

Of course, the man who walked in was Charles. He was very worried about Mathews.

Before the secretary could say anything more, Chandler interrupted her with a wave of his hand and motioned for her to go out first.

In fact, Mathews had expected that Charles would come. "Well, have you really come here to visit someone like me who is accused of bribery?"

Mathews burst out laughing again after asking Charles this question with a teasing look.

Looking at Mathews's behavior, Charles immediately understood that everything was fine. "I think I needn't have come here."

As the pictures showed, Mathews had indeed been happily talking with a criminal who had been released from prison before his sentence expired.

But what Lenny didn't know was that this criminal, in essence, worked undercover for the government.

Hence, Mathews, in fact, hadn't taken any bribe as Lenny had thought.

Now, Lenny and Hiawatha were still taking it for granted that they were going to get a chance to take over the First Chemical Works.

They had no idea that they had been completely defeated.

Mathews told Charles about the real situation after showing Charles the pictures. Upon hearing Mathews's explanation, Charles was puzzled and asked in confusion, "Mathews, since you didn't take any bribe, why did you come here? Doesn't your visit mean that you've confessed your crime?"

Chandler smiled. "Well, it seems there is something that you don't know.

Mathews faced many problems while handling the bidding of the First Chemical Works.

Since the men who plotted these problems have gone so far to frame Mathews for a crime, Mathews has pretended to come here as if he's really being investigated by the commission for discipline inspection. This way, we can soon find out who is behind all this."

It was only after hearing Chandler's explanation that Charles understood why Mathews had come to accept an interrogation from the commission for discipline

, he stood up from his chair and opened the window.

It was November and the leaves rustled with the autumn breeze from time to time.

As soon as the window was opened, the chilly air outside suddenly surged into the office and cleansed the indoor air vitiated by smoke right away.

"I can't rush my revenge. I will find a chance to fight back. I can't surrender so easily," Lenny muttered to himself while looking out of the window.

His gloomy and dejected eyes were gleaming with anger and hatred.

In the meantime, the office of Zeus Industrial International was full of joy.

All the employees of this company were rejoicing at getting the opportunity to control shares and manage the First Chemical Works at a very low price.

More than anyone else, the several local newcomers were pleased by the smooth acquisition.

Born in SH City, they knew well that the First Chemical Works was a fairly big plant. But now, this plant had been taken over by the company they were working at!

On top of the great shock, all the local newcomers more or less perceived that their future career would be brighter than they had ever imagined.

A few days before the bid, Linda had asked Andrew to start preparing for organizing a party to celebrate the smooth acquisition.

Andrew had specially organized the party in the hotel where he was staying and held a luxurious banquet for celebrating their success in acquiring the First Chemical Works.

Not many people were invited to the banquet, but it had cost a lot of money to book the venue and arrange food and decorations.

In the beginning, Andrew had felt hesitant about whether to prepare for this banquet or not, because he had thought that it would be a great shame and a waste of money to organize it if they ended up failing in the bid.

Although Andrew was a descendant of the Deng Clan and hadn't cared much about money, he had changed after establishing and managing Zeus Industrial International in person.

It had dawned on him how important money was.

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