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   Chapter 1184 Forgive Her

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6866

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Since Beryl had done such a thing, Andrew, of course, could not say something like "I forgive you." After the bidding ended, Charles asked Andrew to tell Sandra to fire Beryl.

Realizing that everyone had found out about what she'd done, Beryl put away all her stuff with a pale expression. She was calm, but her eyes contained a trace of hopelessness.

Andrew gazed at her sympathetically through the window.

Sensing someone's eyes on her, Beryl suddenly raised her head and her eyes met Andrew's. At that moment, for some reason, Andrew's heart started to ache faintly.

Before he realized what he was doing, he rushed out of his office and came up to Beryl. "Beryl, could you tell me the reason why you did it? If there was something that forced you to do that, you can tell me! If you're facing any tough problems, I might be able to help."

Looking at the man whom she had fallen in love with at first sight, Beryl could not help but burst into tears. At that moment, an overwhelming mix of emotions flooded her: grief, guilt, helplessness, and despair...

"Andrew, please help me!"

Beryl threw her arms around Andrew as tears ran down her face. She could not control herself anymore.

Andrew was at a loss. He'd never imagined that he would be hugged like this. His two empty hands hung limply at his sides at first, but then came up to gently pat Beryl on her back.

Andrew's voice became gentle as well as he said, "Don't be afraid. Tell me what happened."

While Andrew was talking to Beryl, on the other side, Lenny thumped the table in front of him with his hand. "Hiawatha, please go and develop the pictures of Mathews He. Since he's treating us badly, we will not treat him in a good way!"

Hiawatha was furious as well. Instantly, he went to the photo printing shop with the USB stick Lenny had given him.

An hour later, Hiawatha went to the commission for discipline inspection with the pictures he had just printed. Lenny had told him to put the pictures into the reporting mailbox, but Hiawatha was so angry that he

talking to him in person. When Mathews saw the pictures, he accepted everything and insisted that Chandler Wang should send him to the office of the commission for discipline inspection. All he said was one sentence: "I have a clear conscience!"

Getting the news that Mathews had been taken away, both Lenny and Hiawatha felt excited. What they had done seemed to have really worked! So, Lenny called Wally Tong, the secretary-general.

He couldn't reach him, but he didn't mind. He and Hiawatha celebrated with a bottle of champagne. On the other side, Beryl said goodbye to Andrew and went home when she was told that her father had been taken to the office of the commission for discipline inspection.

Actually, all she'd been told was that her father was being questioned. But if they didn't think that her father was guilty, why had he been taken to the office of the commission for discipline inspection? That was exactly what she was worried about. She had never come face to face with the evil in the world before. Now, her tears started to run down her cheeks once again.

Charles also received the news that Mathews had been taken away. He knew that Mathews had been framed, but if he tried to deal with the situation with full force, he might make things worse. So, he just drove to the office building of the commission for discipline inspection.

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