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   Chapter 1183 Witnessed Everything That Beryl Had Done

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Upon hearing Jordon's threat, Wally did not seem affected. In a mocking tone, he even challenged Jordon, "Do what you want, Mr. Liu. However, I would like to remind you of something important.

Because of Zeus Industrial International, SH City has received an invitation from New York. In this letter, Mr. He is requested to visit New York.

With this, a close friendship will likely develop between the two cities. This is all thanks to Zeus Industrial International. I have nothing more to say. Let me just advise you to keep a sharp lookout."

Jordon hung up the phone. His knitted eyebrows showed that he was very upset by Wally's warning.

Judging by Jordon's expression after talking to Wally, both Lenny and Hiawatha had guessed correctly that they had lost in the bidding.

Hiawatha was so furious that he suddenly punched the table. The impact of his fist made a loud sound on the otherwise silent room. In a very low voice, he suggested, "Power can't defeat everything. Mr. Nalan, I think we can hire some men to teach these rich brats a lesson. Once they learn their place, we can order them to leave this city.

After all, they cannot lay their hands on us without any proof."

Lenny was extremely angry about the failed bid as well. He had spent a lot of effort and time in preparing for this acquisition. Even after everything he did, all his efforts proved to be futile.

Lenny was the type of person to stay calm even during difficult times, but in this situation, even he couldn't keep his feelings bottled up.

He tried to maintain his composure but his anger got the best of him. Raising his voice, he asked Jordon furiously, "What the hell was going on?"

Jordon was already at his limit. Desperation, anger and disappointment filled his chest as he collapsed on his chair. "Zeus Industrial International was two steps ahead of us in preparing for this bid.

They were even helping Mr. He establish a close connection between SH City and New York."

Jordon was right.

In reality, Charles had started planning the acquisition of the First Chemical Works ever since he had asked Andrew to invest in the development of Zeus Industrial International.

He had been aware that Hiawatha Chemicals, a powerful local company established in SH City, was eyeing the First Chemical Works. Furthermore, they had been preparing for their acquisition plans since a long time ago.

Given these circumstances, he had come to the conclusion that Zeus Industrial International could not win against Hiawatha Chemicals. Even if they partnered with a well-known technology company in a joint venture, they still would not stand a chance.

Bluntly speaking, Zeus Industrial International had been established for the sole purpose of helping Andrew fight back to become the successor of the Deng Clan.

Therefore, the shareholding structure of this company was relatively simple. Even though it had obtained substantial investments, it had made a small effort in getting them. In reality, a major proportion of the investments had been made by the Mu's Group.

Since he had known early that Zeus Industrial International could not win against Hiawatha Chemicals, Charles had to outwit his competition by looking for an out of the box solution to his dilemma. Only then could he defeat Hiawatha Chemicals and smoothly take over the First Chemical Works.

When Charles had met Michelle for the first time on a plane during his business travel to the United States, he had not thought that Michelle would be the key to his problems. At that time, Michelle had found Charles to be a very interesting person and had offered her business card to him. She had asked him to contact her any time if he needed her help.

Meanwhile, the thought of asking Michelle for a favor had never crossed Charles' mind. Only recently when he came up with the idea of acquiri

ympathy for her. At that time, he had not figured out why Beryl betrayed them.

When Andrew told Charles about what Beryl had been doing behind their backs, Charles instantly came to the conclusion that it was Hiawatha Chemicals that was behind this betrayal.

He had inferred that their competitor would not give up so easily. They would make every effort and use any means necessary to get information about the bidding plan of Zeus Industrial International.

Taking advantage of the fact that a majority of the employees of Zeus Industrial International were migrant workers, Hiawatha Chemicals had dispatched a few people to work undercover in Zeus Industrial International over and over again.

Unfortunately, their repeated attempts had failed. They had thought that their spies would be hard to spot, but Linda discovered their acts easily. Linda had become more cautious since then.

While thinking of other ways to undermine Zeus Industrial International, Lenny and Hiawatha had thought of Beryl, the beautiful young woman Andrew had saved. They had intended to obtain secret information about Zeus Industrial International's bid plan with the help of this woman.

Andrew had noticed something very weird the other day during his talk with Beryl.

Beryl had told him again and again that her family was poor, but Andrew had observed that she wore a quite expensive diamond ring around her middle finger. At first, Andrew had thought that she might have a wealthy boyfriend, who had sent her the diamond ring as a gift.

But Beryl had told him that she did not have a boyfriend.

Andrew could not make sure that Beryl was a spy just by her words alone. However, Andrew was not stupid.

Since he suspected this woman, he had been keeping a close eye on her. This way, he would be able to find some clues.

Later, when Andrew had asked Charles for advice, Charles had told him to set a trap for Beryl.

Andrew decided to follow through and drafted a fake bidding plan. The day before the bidding, he intentionally let Beryl see the plan. As they had expected, Beryl had gone back to the company, sneaked into Andrew's office and secretly copied the bidding plan after everyone got off work the night before the bidding day.

Beryl had taken the duplicate of the fake plan when she had left the office that night. As part of their trap, Andrew did not leave the office and hid himself when Beryl sneaked into his office that night. He had also set up a camera to document the scene.

Hence, he had witnessed everything that Beryl had done inside his office.

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