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   Chapter 1182 Bet On

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That night, Lenny and Hiawatha had a long talk, and then made a new bidding plan. They submitted it to the government for the bidding the next day. Upon hearing from Jordon that the bid evaluation was over, Lenny felt a wave of nervousness wash over him. "What's the result?"

Jordon, who sounded rather exhausted, avoided Lenny's question and instead asked, "Where are you now?"

Lenny's heart sank when he didn't get a definite answer from Jordon. He deduced that they must have failed in the bid. In spite of his frustration, he wanted to know the details of what had happened at the bid evaluation, so after a few moments of silence, he replied, "We're at the Highlight Tea House at Peace Avenue. You will only have to cross two intersections when you drive from the office building of the municipal committee."

"Okay. Wait for a moment. I will be there soon," came the curt response from Jordon.

Since Jordon was coming to see him in person, Lenny didn't ask any further questions and hung up the phone. Noticing the strange look on Lenny's face, Hiawatha asked in a hurry, "Mr. Nalan, was that phone call from Jordon? Did we win the bid?"

With his eyebrows furrowed together, Lenny replied, "He will be here soon." Then, he did what he always did when he was seriously thinking about something—he closed his eyes and stayed silent.

After a while, Jordon arrived. As soon as Hiawatha saw him, he stood up and walked out to welcome him.

The truth was, Jordon still remembered how Lenny and Hiawatha had treated him at the entertainment club the other day, so he still bore a grudge against the two men. But for the sake of money, he had decided to put that matter aside for the time being. Without exchanging greetings, he got straight to the point in a stern tone right after taking a seat. "The situation is very bad. The two of you have to mentally prepare yourselves to face the result."

Pulling a long face, Lenny asked, "What on earth is the situation?"

Taking his glasses off and rubbing his eyes, Jordon replied, "Truth be told, the acquisition price you've proposed is higher than theirs and your plan for resettling the former employees of the First Chemical Works is almost the same as that of Zeus Industrial International. However, these two aspects are not the highlights of Zeus Industrial International's acquisition plan at all. Instead, they beat us with technology."


Lenny was confused. Before Jordon could reply, he continued, "As far as I know, Zeus Industrial International has just been established and has no experience in the chemical industry. Although it has the support of international finance groups, it doesn't even have a technician. How could they defeat us with technology?"

Jordon let out a heavy sigh. His tone was ferocious as he replied, "We've been fooled. There

," Wally replied in a cheerful voice.

Jordon suddenly felt heavy-hearted and questioned in a weaker voice, "Mr. He made his decision? What is it then?"

Wally responded in a calm tone, "In consideration of the fact that Hiawatha Chemicals is a local enterprise of SH City and its acquisition price is higher, Mr. He thinks that we should have transferred the First Chemical Works to this company. However, he feels that the acquisition plan of Zeus Industrial International is better and more feasible. Therefore, he has cast his vote for Zeus Industrial International."

Jordon was immediately put in a daze, but he had no choice but to retort, "Mr. Tong, this is unfair. Apparently, the acquisition price of Hiawatha Chemicals is much higher. I think this bid evaluation isn't impartial. I have to call Mr. He and report this to him. I suspect that there is a great lack of impartiality in this bid evaluation for getting investment for the First Chemical Works. I will report this to Mr. He in person."

Jordon was very anxious after hearing the evaluation result as he had benefited considerably from the bribe he had received for the acquisition project of the First Chemical Works. Moreover, in order to make sure that no company could compete with Hiawatha Chemicals to take over the First Chemical Works, he had done a lot of work on the sly and falsified the financial statements of this plant to make it look insolvent. If Hiawatha Chemicals failed to merge with the First Chemical Works, all his dirty acts would be exposed. Then, he would inevitably be investigated and imprisoned for his crime.

At the thought of the menacing consequences, Jordon had no choice but to throw the handle after the blade. Hence, he pretended to threaten Wally, betting on the possibility that Mathews would change his mind and let Hiawatha Chemicals take over the First Chemical Works instead.

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