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   Chapter 1181 I Will Do Whatever You Ask Me To Do

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That night at the entertainment club, after Andrew and Beryl had walked away, Lenny had asked someone to secretly follow them. He had originally intended to teach Beryl a good lesson since he couldn't lay a hand on Andrew. But he had obtained something far greater than that.

The person he'd sent to follow Beryl had immediately informed him that Beryl's father was actually Mathews!

Hearing this news, Lenny and Hiawatha had cooked up a wicked scheme at once.

Lenny knew that Mathews was a straightforward but generous person. Mathews would be forgiving even people who had committed a crime if they were truly repentant.

So, Lenny had bailed out a prisoner who had been arrested by Mathews and asked him to have dinner together with Mathews. While they were having dinner, a photographer hired by Lenny had secretly taken pictures of them.

Then, Lenny had asked this prisoner to commit another crime. Now, if these pictures were leaked to the public, the consequences would be bad for Mathews.

Lenny was fully aware that it was not advisable to threaten Mathews. After all, he only had a few pictures. Fortunately for him, the pictures were certainly enough to threaten the young Beryl.

Beryl was a little naive and had taken their threat at face value. Hiawatha had told her that as long as she obtained some information about Zeus Industrial International, they would surrender all the pictures to her.

Desperate to get her father out of this dangerous situation, Beryl had immediately agreed. Now, with a heavy sigh, she took out a few pieces of A4-sized paper.

"This is what I photocopied. There were a few people working overtime, so I didn't have the chance to do this until after 9 o'clock. If you're not satisfied with this, there's nothing more I can do."

Hiawatha took the file and read it. On the first page was the title, "Strategic Analysis of Bid for the First Chemical Works of SH City (Final)." Hiawatha's face lit up as soon as he saw this line. He skimmed through it quickly. But in the end, he knitted his eyebrows together.

Beryl scratched her coat and asked nervously, "Is that useful?"

Hiawatha waved his hand impatiently and said, "You can go now. We have something else to do."

Beryl was fearful of the two men and was eager to leave this place as quickly as possible, but then she remembered that her father's issue was still not settled. Biting her lip, she said, "We had a deal before. You said you would surrender the pictures to me as long as I gave you the file."

Hiawatha acted h

th disdain.

Lenny sighed, "You're so superficial! There are more than 600 employees in the First Chemical Works. It's true that two-thirds of them are always goofing off, but the other one-third of them are the technical backbone of the company! We can be totally qualified to enter the chemical industry as long as we acquire the First Chemical Works, which is the most important thing for us. As for that land, it is merely a side benefit. And the First Chemical Works will be the chemical company invested in by the Nalan's Group!"

Hiawatha was shocked. "Mr. Nalan, are you kidding me? Although the name of my company has the word 'chemical' in it, I don't want to step into the chemical industry! If we get the First Chemical Works, of course we will use it to enter the real estate industry. We can make a big profit soon!"

"You fool!" Lenny's eyes turned fierce. At that moment, he looked like a starving wolf who would bite someone at any moment.

Hiawatha clenched his fists tightly. He was very dissatisfied, but due to Lenny's powerful influence, he didn't dare to argue with him. Still unconvinced, he said, "Okay. But please tell me the exact reason."

Lenny picked up the teacup in front of him and took a sip of tea. "A while ago, Andrew Deng left my side, and now we are up against each other due to my short-sightedness. Back then, I didn't know what could bring the real benefit. But now, after thinking for a long time, I've learned the truth! And you are acting exactly like I did at that time!"

Hiawatha sighed, "All right. I just need a little more explanation. As long as you can persuade me, I will do whatever you ask me to do, even the most dangerous thing!"

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