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   Chapter 1180 Be Sentenced To Eight To Ten Years In Prison

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9601

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Today, Beryl looked graceful and pretty in the new official suit that she had bought just to report for duty at Zeus Industrial International. As she had agreed upon with Andrew, she went to the office on the 22nd floor of the Global Center. As soon as she arrived at the office, she went to speak to the front desk receptionist.

Coincidentally, Andrew was not at the company, and it was Sandra, the human resource officer, who received Beryl.

After collecting all the necessary materials from Beryl, Sandra told Beryl that it would take one or two days at least to handle all the induction formalities. In the meantime, Beryl could go home and have a rest, and then come into work from next Monday.

However, Beryl insisted that she could start working right away and spend these two days adapting herself to the new environment here.

At Beryl's insistence, Sandra didn't say anything more. Anyway, a workstation had already been arranged for Beryl prior to her arrival. Since Beryl was Andrew's assistant, Sandra had set up Beryl's workstation in front of hers, which was right opposite to the door of Andrew's office.

After leading Beryl to her workstation, Sandra briefed Beryl on what she had to do every day from now on. She told Beryl that she had to come to the company 15 minutes earlier than the reporting time to tidy up Andrew's office, help Andrew draft schedules, and remind him of what remained to be done.

Beryl felt a little upset as she flipped through the materials on her office desk, glancing at Andrew's office from time to time.

Beryl was really gorgeous, and in this company, there were many young men who were single. Upon hearing that a beauty had just joined their company, a lot of young single male employees came up with a variety of excuses to come over to Sandra's desk and talk to her. In fact, their true intention was to steal a look at Beryl, the pretty newcomer.

Andrew didn't arrive at his office until after 2 o'clock in the afternoon. In the morning, Charles had asked Andrew to go to the employee dormitories with him. These dormitories were where outstanding employees of both the Mu's Group and Zeus Industrial International would have a chance to stay. As a result, Andrew hadn't come to work on time today.

When Andrew finally came back to his office, Beryl hurriedly stood up from her chair and greeted him. Andrew nodded in greeting and then motioned for Beryl to come into his office with him.

He had a short conversation with Beryl before calling Sandra to come into his office as well. He asked Sandra to hand over the corresponding work documents and all the jobs that she had ever done on a part-time basis to Beryl as soon as possible. In actuality, Sandra would transfer most of the duties that she had performed as Andrew's part-time assistant to Beryl.

Looking around Andrew's office on the s

a grumpy tone, "Well, there are many pictures like that in your office too. We don't know for sure how on earth he got those pictures. Nowadays, technology is so advanced that group photos can be easily photoshopped. He has just hung the photos there to make himself look great."

Lenny shook his head in disagreement. "Hiawatha, you're right. I've hung several group photos on the wall of my office. But do you really think it was easy for me to take pictures with those people? I'm lucky enough that everyone who has visited my office has bought my lies about how close I am to those celebrities and top figures. But do you know how much it cost me to get those pictures?"

A figure was uttered out of Lenny's mouth. Hiawatha didn't hear it clearly, but before he could ask Lenny to repeat it, they heard someone knocking at the door.

"Come in!" Lenny answered the door in a sonorous voice, which was clearly heard by the person outside the thick wooden door.

The two men hadn't expected Beryl to show up.

Hiawatha was seated on a sofa with his arms resting against the back of the sofa. Sizing Beryl up, he asked, "Did you manage to get what I want?"

Trembling all over, Beryl answered shakily, "Yes...I did."

"Hurry up then. Give it to me," Hiawatha ordered indifferently.

Beryl slowly raised her head as if she was making a decision to do something. "I can give it to you. But where are my father's pictures? What if you have copies of the pictures?"

Picking his ears, Hiawatha casually replied, "Miss Tang, your father is an important leader of the municipal committee. We found that he dined together with some suspects and took their pictures as proof. Now, these pictures are worth a high price. As we all know, the commission for discipline inspection will investigate your father as soon as these pictures are spread. Then, he would be sentenced to eight to ten years in prison."

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