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   Chapter 1179 Couldn't Help But Rejoice

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Den introduced Tad to Andrew. Andrew's first impression of the young, average-looking man was that he was a straightforward and simple-minded person. He was stunned to know that this very man had worked in SH City at the security office of the Department of Foreign Affairs for over two years. It was more shocking that Tad who could even speak a little English had retired so easily just like that.

He could not understand why such a talented young person had failed to find a job after his retirement from military service. Instead, he ended up farming in his hometown.

Andrew looked puzzled, so Den explained to him in a very low voice that the security office of the Department of Foreign Affairs was the worst division to work for as a security personnel in SH City. This did not mean that the employees of this security office were incompetent. Instead, these employees got the fewest opportunities in that division.

It was widely known that in most divisions, one who served as bodyguard of a senior officer could easily expand his network starting with the senior officer and his colleagues. After retirement, the security personnel could get a decent-paying job within the city with the help of the senior officer and other acquaintances with whom he had formed a connection.

Unfortunately, the security office for the Department of Foreign Affairs was generally in charge of ensuring the safety of foreign guests. These guests usually went back to their home country after a few days. In this short span of time, neither forming a connection with the guests nor remembering the names of the security guards was likely to happen. As a result, it was impossible for the security personnel of the Department of Foreign Affairs to extensively develop their own networks.

On top of the circumstances in his division, Tad had also been an orphan since childhood. Without any family member to rely on, finding a job through personal ties was difficult for him. As a result, he had directly gone back to his hometown when he retired. He had found a job as a public relations assistant to a small office that publicized laws and policies in his village.

To put it bluntly, Tad had disseminated leaflets right after his retirement. Not long after, he lost his job because radio and TV had been made available in the village. This left him no choice but to plant vegetables and fruits on a small piece of land that he had rented within the village.

Upon hearing Tad's story, Andrew couldn't help but pity him. He let out a heavy sigh while thinking about how miserable Tad's life was after his retirement. After shaking hands with the retired soldiers, Andrew motioned for all of them to take a seat.

The four men sat down simultaneously with their backs straight and shoulders rolled back. Behind their formal facade, they all felt nervous and excited at the same time. All of them knew that this was a rare chance for them to get a decent job, so they did not want to leave an unfavorable impression upon Andrew who would hopefully beco

ionally receive 2, 000 dollars per month as hazard pay, they could not conceal the excitement on their faces. They were smiling widely as they silently exchanged glances with each other. Even Mick, who had his pride hurt by becoming inferior to Den, was smiling from ear to ear.

After pausing for a while, Sandra Shen continued, "Our company has a canteen, which serves three meals a day. Since you will have to travel often, you can reimburse your meal expenses with invoices. As for the accommodation..."

With the mention of accommodation, their excitement was instantly replaced by anxiety. They tried to stay calm and were all ears. Since SH City was located in a prime economic zone, the rent would be priced higher than usual. It would cost them a lot to rent a house if the company didn't provide accommodation. While the men were lost in thought, Sandra Shen added, "Mr. Deng has especially highlighted that all of you can stay in the employee dormitories of the Mu's Group. Unfortunately, the dormitories are currently being furnished. The decoration will take about one month. With this, Mr. Deng has rented a house for the five of you to stay over this month. This house has three bedrooms and one living room. There are two beds in each bedroom but you can decide the room allotment by yourselves. You may not feel very comfortable in your stay there, but please understand. The decoration will be finished in a month. Then, you will move to the dormitories of the Mu's Group."

"By the way, after moving to the employee dormitories, three units will be allocated to you. Each unit has two bedrooms and one living room. By that time, each of you will have your own bedroom. The living room, bathroom and kitchen will be shared."

All of the men's eyes gleamed with excitement. Originally, they had thought that they would only be provided with basic accommodation. They never expected to be offered a comfortable living setup, with their very own solo bedrooms. They couldn't help but rejoice at their good fortune.

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