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   Chapter 1178 Glory Days

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Andrew didn't make any comment after listening to Beryl's answer. Instead, he continued asking, "I know that you work in this hotel. Do you have any previous work or internship experience?"

Beryl knew that Andrew had been asking her these questions to gauge her skills and potential. This time around, she tried her best to answer his question as articulately as possible in English. "I took on extracurricular activities and served as Chairman of the Student Union in college. For my practicum, I did internship as a clerk in a foreign trade company."

Andrew responded with a nod, "Then, tell me about your family background."

Beryl did her best to maintain her composure but she stammered, "My biological parents...have been dead. For the meantime, I stay with my adoptive parents. Both of them treat me as if I am their biological daughter. Of course, I respect and love them too."

Andrew was astounded to hear Beryl's answer, but he recovered from his shock soon enough. "I am so sorry to hear that. Then, what does your boyfriend do?"

The question confused Beryl, who was now wondering why Andrew felt the need to suddenly drop this question. Looking at Andrew firmly, she simply replied, "I don't have a boyfriend."

The young woman's innocent but intense gaze embarrassed Andrew a little. He tried to hide his emotions but a meaningful look remained reflected from his eyes. "How much pay do you expect to get if I hire you?"

Beryl responded without hesitation, "My current monthly salary is 8, 000 dollars but it won't matter to me even if you give me a lower pay. I believe that I can learn more and develop new skills if I work for you. Career growth is more important for me."

Amused and impressed by Beryl's straightforward answer, Andrew replied with a faint smile, "Oh? Well, congratulations! You're hired."

Beryl's eyes widened in shock upon hearing Andrew's words. She couldn't believe that she passed the interview so easily. In the beginning, she had doubted if she would be accepted. "Ah? You have decided to hire me? Will you have to reconsider your decision?" the skeptical Beryl asked.

With a grin, Andrew teased, "You do not look quite excited to be hired."

Beryl replied in a hurry, "No, no, I am so happy to join your company. But I never expected that I would be employed so easily." Feeling a bit shy, she slightly lowered her head and bowed in gratitude, "Thank you. Thanks very much."

Cracking a smile, Andrew assured her, "You're welcome. Our company has just started its businesses in SH City, and we urgently need additional hands. From our interview, I've found that you have the qualities we are looking for in an employee. You have good communication skills and more importantly, you are a risk-taker. In a sense, we are lucky to have met each other over and over again by chance! Now that we are formally acquainted with each other, I would rather employ you than recruit a total stranger."

Overwhelmed with mixed emotions, Beryl raised her head to ask, "Then, what post do you plan to arrange for me?"

Andrew casually replied, "Since you want to work as an assistant, then you can try serving as my assistant first by helping me deal

gathering had encouraged them to reminisce their past days in the army as well.

A few moments later, they saw the bodyguard lead a young man dressed in a suit to the meeting room. The bodyguard politely opened the door and stretched his hand out to keep the door from closing outside the meeting room. He didn't enter the meeting room until the young man had stepped inside. Finally, he went inside and closed the door.

Andrew's bodyguard was named Den Qian, who introduced his comrades to Andrew, "Mr. Deng, this is Mick Mo. I often mentioned him when I told you about my days in the military service. He served as my squad leader when I was in the army. He was my squad leader for two years, but after that, he was dispatched to a special forces brigade. He was a top elite of our company and had won many prizes at military competitions because of his top-notch skills."

Mick Mo immediately stood upright and corrected his posture. To stand at attention was a standard pose for soldiers. Chin up, chest out, shoulders back and stomach in was their mantra. By doing this, he was trying to mask his astonishment at seeing this boss. Before coming here, Den Qian had told them that his boss was very young. However, Mick Mo was still so shocked to see such a young boss. 'The boss seems to be a member of a rich and noble clan, ' Mick Mo thought to himself while letting out a heavy sigh.

At this point, he wasn't in the mood to even care about who his boss was. Having retired from the military for some time now, he still had not found a suitable job. He was so anxious to earn money since he had a family to support. He was willing to be loyal to any boss as long as the boss engaged in the legitimate business.

Afterwards, Den Qian introduced the other soldiers to Andrew in succession. At the end of the introduction, all the soldiers saluted to Andrew with the standard military posture. From these soldier's faces, Andrew discerned their firmness, determination and unyielding character. He seemed to have perceived these men's earnest comradeship they had developed in the past glory days of their military career.

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