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   Chapter 1177 I Will Be Able To Improve Myself

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"Okay, I'm going to call him right now," Kent replied helplessly. He had no choice but to pick up his phone from the table in front of him and go to the small meeting room that Charles led him to. Then, he shut the door and made an international phone call to Giles.

Kent spoke on the phone for almost 10 minutes before he walked out of the meeting room with his face full of excitement.

"What did he say?" Charles asked eagerly as soon as he saw Kent walking out.

"He has agreed to make the investment. He didn't even hesitate," Kent replied absentmindedly in a very low voice. In fact, he was still astonished and proud about the fact that he had been able to persuade Giles so easily.

Charles secretly clenched his fist in excitement upon hearing what Kent had said to him. In a sense, convincing Giles to invest together with them was their first success in this investment.

Kent tried to calm himself down before adding, "Oh, but he'll only invest on one condition."

"What is it? Tell me," Charles replied immediately.

"Since the stocks of VR technology have appreciated, Giles is willing to loan 50 million dollars to you for three years without any interest, and at the same time, he will invest another 50 million dollars in VR technology. However, he doesn't want you to share any commission or profit from the 50 million dollars that will be lent to you."

Charles did a quick mental calculation and decided that he could accept Giles's condition. In fact, he himself had been planning to share only half of the return from their investment. He also realized that the financial situation of VR technology would be presented more optimistically on its financial statements if he agreed to Giles's request.

"No problem. I agree with his request, and I believe Lance will raise no objection to it either." Charles nodded, accepting Giles's condition.

"Well, wish us a happy cooperation!" Kent said sincerely and limply shook Charles's hand, still recovering from the shock.

Soon after, Kent left because he had a lot of other work to attend to. Even though Giles had agreed to invest in VR technology, Kent would have to prepare a lot of documents and carry out the legal formalities. In view of this, Charles didn't persuade Kent to stay for some more time.

Meanwhile, Andrew had just finished his discussion with Linda with respect to the business matters of Zeus Industrial International. By the time he walked out of Linda's office and bade farewell to her, it was very late at night. Thus, Andrew drove straight back to the hotel where he stayed.

When he reached the corridor his room was on, he saw a girl dressed in the hotel uniform standing in front of his door with a paper bag in her hand. Judging by her facial expression, Andrew found that the girl was hesitating about whether to knoc

Andrew uncapped the bottle and drank some water before he asked, "Well, why do you want to switch jobs?"

Beryl was so nervous that she tightened her grip on the water bottle she was holding. "Um, I've worked in this hotel for two years and dealt with many successful people from different circles. The more I learn about them, the more I feel that I can't improve myself further or learn more from my current post, though my job looks decent. Thus, I want to work in some other profession. But now, it's not easy to find a job. I've sent my resume to several companies, but so far, I've never been called for an interview."

Without any expression on his face, Andrew asked, "Have you brought your resume with you?"

"Yes, yes, I have." After giving a short reply, Beryl hurriedly opened her handbag, took out one of her printed resumes, and handed it to Andrew.

As Andrew reached for the resume, he glanced sideways at Beryl and noticed that she was wearing a diamond ring on her slender middle finger. At the sight of this, he was shocked.

However, he started flipping through Beryl's resume as if he hadn't noticed anything. Then, in spite of his shock, he casually said in a calm voice, "You graduated from a business school and majored in English. So, how are your communication skills?"

"My job at this hotel entails communicating with the foreign guests on a regular basis," Beryl replied without skipping a beat.

Andrew nodded and asked in English, "What kind of post do you think is suitable for you? And why?"

Andrew was firing questions at a fast pace, so Beryl had to stop for a moment to think about her answer. Finally, she said, "I think I'll be competent as a front desk receptionist, a clerk, or an assistant. If I could choose, I would choose to work as an assistant and learn from experienced colleagues. That way, I'll be able to improve myself."

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