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   Chapter 1176 Seize The Chance

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Looking at Kent's facial expression, Charles immediately understood what he was thinking about, but he decided to ask anyway. "Kent, what else are you worried about?"

Wearing a smile, Kent replied, "I still have a question. Are you certain that I will not suffer a loss from my investment? Are you really confident that there will be no risk of loss?"

"Kent, you definitely won't suffer a loss in this investment. As we all know, the number of internet users is increasing year by year. If it continues growing at a rate of over 50% every year, how many internet users will there be after 2020? What will the market size be then?"

Charles picked up a document with a single page and handed it to Kent before he continued, "Take a look at it. At present, Cisco is the world's biggest supplier of virtual reality technology, followed by the domestic Universe Star. However, the products of Cisco are rather expensive, while Universe Star is a state-owned enterprise with strong support from the government and it's not responsive enough to the market. Thus, there is a chance for Lance's VR technology to achieve further development."

Kent furrowed his eyebrows. "Ah, I got it. Your reason for investment in virtual reality technology is the same as your reason for investing in Creator Networks. The competition is seemingly fierce in the market, which appears to have been completely occupied already. But latecomers can gain market shares by adopting novel business models and enhancing their competitiveness."

Charles nodded in agreement. "Yes, you're right. My reasons for investing in these projects are more or less the same. When I was planning to invest in Creator Networks, many people insisted that it didn't have any potential for further development. Even the team of Creator Networks disagreed with some of my later decisions because they thought that I wasn't making wise choices. But so far, the company has developed very well."

Kent was speechless because he knew that everything Charles was saying was true.

"Therefore, even if this technology fails, we won't suffer a loss in our investments as long as Lance can promptly adjust his strategies to stop the loss. Lance can even occupy the market and trade the stocks of his company that are dependent upon his virtual reality technologies in the Nasdaq Stock Market before he implements any plan."

Charles paused for a while, then cast a meaningful glance at Kent and added, "Now, Lance has prepared to initiate Series B financing. It is said that Sequoia Capital plans to invest 100 million dollars in VR technology in exchan

afraid that I will feel regretful. Right now, we're in an unprecedented era full of miracles. I not only hope to witness every miracle, but also desire to be involved in creating miracles,"

Charles replied slowly but with determination. "This is the reason why I insist on investing in VR technology."

"Do you firmly believe that Lance's VR technology will be one of the miracles?" Kent asked involuntarily.

Charles gave Kent an affirmative nod. "I believe that all my investees are capable of creating miracles."

Kent fell into a deep silence upon hearing these words from Charles, whose aggressive investment ideas shocked him a lot. He still didn't quite agree with Charles's investment ideas, but deep down in his mind, Kent admired this man.

At this moment, he was overwhelmed with mixed emotions. Staring at the youthful and vigorous CEO of the Mu's Group, he even inwardly asked himself if he had gotten too old.

He stayed silent for quite a long while before letting out a heavy sigh. "Okay. I will help you and try to persuade Giles, but I can't assure you that I'll be able to convince him."

Taking a look at the Patek Philippe watch around his wrist, Charles said, "Giles might be in the east today, where it should be over nine o'clock in the morning."

Kent was taken aback by how Charles had gotten straight to the point, but he quickly gathered his thoughts and asked, "Shall I contact him now?"

"You'd better get in touch with him as soon as possible. We will be able to take specific actions right away once he agrees to invest in VR technology with us. We can act earlier than Sequoia Capital. We don't have any time to lose. If we don't act fast, Sequoia Capital will seize the chance from us."

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