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   Chapter 1173 In The Next Three Years

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 10877

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In this business proposal, the two engineers claimed that they expected to develop a brand new smart search technology, which was called Skynet System for the time being. But owing to the lack of funding for research and development, they had drafted this business proposal in an attempt to seek out venture capitalists that would invest in their technology.

Shockingly, the conclusion of the business proposal claimed that the technology was not designed to earn profit. Many investors who had read the proposal were easily turned off by this. After all, no one wanted to invest in a business venture without assurance of a huge return.

Charles burst into laughter upon reading this conclusion. Since Charles had finished reading, Elmer took this as an opportunity to ask, "Boss, having read the business proposal, do you think the research of the two engineers is reliable? I hope that you could give me some advice. After all, you've invested in the internet enterprise where the two engineers work."

A few seconds passed by as Charles considered his words carefully. "In my opinion, these two engineers are far more technologically competent compared to most entrepreneurs. Their business proposal is certainly extraordinary and it is a waste that nobody appreciates it since they are not good at marketing themselves. Perhaps this is a common trait of geniuses," Charles responded.

Elmer had more or less understood what Charles had meant from his words, but he still tentatively asked to confirm, "Then, you mean that..."

Charles nodded while saying, "I think we can give it a try. But we'd better not place too much hope on this investment. Anyway, the two engineers will only need an investment of one million dollars. You have the right to mobilize this small amount of money. I am not expecting that their likelihood of success would be high since this is their first time in starting their own business. For the meantime, just support them so that we could get them on our side in the future."

This was just a small investment project, so Charles didn't care much about it. Since Charles had decided to invest in this project, Elmer no longer hesitated. He promptly signed the investment form, which meant the two engineers' business proposal had been approved.

Time passed by quickly for the Mu's Group. Zeus Industrial International was now busy with holding its opening ceremony. The venue had quite a lively atmosphere, where lots of colorful flags were fluttering in the wind and deafening sounds of beating the gongs and drums were heard.

Linda had hired an event coordinator to oversee the preparations for this big event. The event coordinator had set up a big makeshift stage in front of the Global Center which served as the receiving area for guests. Mathews, who had been personally invited by Charles to attend this opening ceremony, was currently delivering a passionate speech on this very stage.

"Zeus Industrial International is an industrial enterprise particularly invested by the Mu's Group. Its investment and establishment in SH City reflect its recognition of this city. The National Day has just passed. In a sense, Zeus Industrial International's opening ceremony here is a precious gift for the ann

se by several tenths of a percent at the very least. Such an increase couldn't be underestimated, because with this increase, SH City would move up by several places in the nationwide gross domestic product rankings.

After pausing for a while, Linda smiled shyly and added, "At the very beginning, we've only planned to invest about 50 million dollars in SH City, but in view of Ms. Michelle and Mr. He's active participation and wholehearted support to our company, our Board of Directors has reached a unanimous decision to increase our amount of investment to 200 million dollars. We promise that we will make this amount of investment in the next three years. By now, the Mu's Group has already transferred the first installment of our investment to the account of Zeus Industrial International at the SH City Bank. Our initial investment amounts to 20 million dollars."

Linda paused again before she added, "In the next three years, Zeus Industrial International aims to invest domestically and acquire at least 5 chemical enterprises in SH City. By estimate, this will provide employment opportunities for 3, 000 people. Since the headquarters of Zeus Industrial International is in SH City, the city will benefit most from this."

Mathews was concentrating on listening to Linda's report. As a local government official, he clearly understood what Linda's promise meant to the whole SH City.

Originally, he wasn't interested in Zeus Industrial International. He had only come to attend this opening ceremony since Charles had invited him. At first, he did everything for the sake of his friendship with Charles, but now, he was genuinely interested in what the company could do.

He had thought that the opening ceremony was merely a formality. He had expected that Charles would just promote the company using his name.

But Mathews had never expected that even a powerful politician of the United States had been invited to the ceremony. In addition, he had been astonished to know that Zeus Industrial International was backed up by the Mu Clan and the Deng Clan. Because of all these, Mathews was now looking forward to the company's activities.

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