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   Chapter 1172 Start Their Own Undertaking

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After hearing what Andrew said on the phone, Charles grumbled, "You acted a little too rashly today. You even laid your hands on someone else without considering the fact that you had only one bodyguard. You must have drunk too much wine. If they had decided to escalate the issue, there would have been dire consequences."

Andrew introspected in silence as he listened to Charles. Charles was right; Andrew had been too rash today. After Charles finished speaking, Andrew explained, "I really don't think that Hiawatha will try to get back at us even though we offended him today. He can't go too far if he wants to get rid of his accusations. Even if we defeat Hiawatha Chemicals and acquire the First Chemical Works, Hiawatha won't make a rash decision. After all, he isn't powerful enough to fight us."

Although Charles agreed with Andrew's analysis, he reminded him to stay alert. "Yes, but we'd better be cautious because a rival can always make unexpected moves against us. Perhaps it is better for me to establish a security company."

Beryl, who was also sitting in the car, threw a sideways glance at Andrew. She realized that this young guy didn't recognize her as the Guest Service Manager who had handed him the bill a few days ago at the hotel where he stayed.

Even now, she was still shaken about what had happened to her at the entertainment club. She didn't even want to imagine what she would have gone through if this young man hadn't shown up to help her at the right time.

Staring at Andrew who was lost in thought, Beryl sighed inwardly, 'His eyes are so attractive!'

Beryl blushed when this thought came to her. Immediately, she lowered her head and muttered to herself in her heart, 'Beryl, what the hell are you thinking?'

But she couldn't help raising her head and continuing to appreciate how this man looked. Even though she could only see Andrew's profile, she found that his face was well-defined with angular edges that matched the slenderness of his nose. And when her eyes slid over his alluring lips, she felt an involuntary desire to kiss him.

While Beryl was lost in wild thought, the car slowly came to a stop on the side of the road.

Andrew came back to his senses when he heard the parking sound. Seeing that the car was parked beside the sidewalk snack booth that Beryl had told the driver to head to, he said, "Girl, we've arrived. I think you're safe here."

"Oh," Beryl replied, flushing and fixing her hair in a hurry. After Andrew's bodyguard opened the door for her, she got out and, with her head lowered, said to all the men inside the car, "Thank you for helping me today. Thank you very much!"

Andrew waved her off. "You're welcome. It's already very late, so go home right now. Be careful and don't visit any place like that in the future."

Before Beryl could respond, Andrew gestured for the driver to leave. As the car


As soon as he finished speaking, he pulled Linda into his arms and stared at her with his eyes full of affection. When their eyes met, the air around them seemed to become stagnant. The two of them couldn't help clinging tightly to each other and started kissing passionately.

The next day, Charles went to the Mu's Group very early in the morning, but Elmer was already waiting for him in his office.

A few hours ago, Elmer had picked up a business proposal with only two pages and started reading it. In this proposal, the company seeking investment had only mentioned that it had developed a new technology and would need one million dollars to finance it. However, neither a market analysis nor the prospect of the technology was included in the proposal.

Elmer pursed his lips while reading the business proposal. A business proposal like this was totally meaningless. He wondered how such a proposal had even gotten to his office desk. But in order not to miss any good investment project, Elmer forced himself to concentrate on reading the business proposal from beginning to end. Soon, he found that the applicants of this business proposal were two engineers from Creator Networks.

Creator Networks was the first internet enterprise that Charles had invested in and it was a very successful one, so these two engineers might be onto something, but their business proposal was too perfunctory. This really put Elmer in a dilemma as he couldn't decide whether to invest in this technology or not. After further thought, he decided to submit this proposal to Charles.

When Charles arrived at his office, Elmer immediately told him about this business proposal. Charles was interested in it after hearing that two engineers from the internet enterprise that he had invested in intended to start their own undertaking. Immediately, he reached out for the business proposal and started reading it carefully.

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