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   Chapter 1171 Find A Few More Men

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9445

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Jordon gritted his teeth in anger as he glared at Hiawatha. However, he didn't dare to flare up at Lenny.

Lenny didn't reply to Hiawatha. Instead, he turned to face Jordon and said, "Mr. Liu, let Hiawatha take you to the hospital first. You've been injured, so we shouldn't delay the treatment."

His anger still not vented, Jordon sneered, "I am nobody, just an unimportant director of the Merchants Department. I dare not trouble you, Mr. Nalan. I will go to hospital by myself."

Feeling helpless, Lenny sighed. "Mr. Liu, it was for your good that I let go of them."

Jordon was so angry that he retorted, "For my good? Everyone in SH City knows how powerful you are. Would you have let the men off if you had thought even a little from my point of view? But no, you've been getting more and more timid. I think you have been living too peacefully these days."

Although Lenny could see that Jordon was taunting him, his mood was not affected at all. Without giving a reply to Jordon, he turned to Hiawatha and asked, "Hiawatha, are you clear about these men's backgrounds?"

Hiawatha was taken aback by Lenny's question. "One of the men claimed that he is the Vice President of Zeus Industrial International, but I haven't confirmed whether he was telling the truth or not yet. Mr. Nalan, do you know their backgrounds?"

Lenny nodded. "Of course I do. That man was telling the truth. Do you know who he is? He is Andrew Deng, a member of the famous Deng Clan. And do you know who the President of Zeus Industrial International is? It is Linda Xia! She is the wife of Charles Mu, the CEO of the Mu's Group."

Astounded, Hiawatha hurried to confirm if he had heard Lenny correctly. "Did you say that that young guy is from the Deng Clan?"

With a grim and sullen expression on his face, Lenny replied, "Yes, that's right. He hasn't been selected as the legitimate successor of the Deng Clan yet, but what if he is? Would you have taken the risk of defying him? Moreover, Charles will back him up. The Mu's Clan stands behind Zeus Industrial International. And so, do you think you're powerful enough to fight this man?"

After explaining all this to Hiawatha, Lenny turned to Jordon and continued, "Mr. Liu, I think you know who Mathews is. As far as I know, Charles and Mathews get along very well with each other. And of course, Charles and Linda are a couple and will always support each other. Both Linda and Andrew are leaders of Zeus Industrial International. Now, do you still insist that I made the wrong decision letting them off?"

After hearing Lenny's explanation, Hiawatha finally calmed down and tried to convince Jordon. "Mr. Liu, you are working for the government. We all know that that young man has strong ties with personnel in the political circle. If we didn't let go of his men and sti

ad drunk so much wine that they lacked strength."

Being grateful to the bodyguard for having saved his life, Andrew replied, "Thanks to your help, none of us were hurt today. I assure you that I will ask the finance department to increase your pay once I go back to the company. In the beginning when your boss asked you to follow me around, I thought he was asking you to keep an eye on me. But now, I've finally realized that he has actually dispatched you to protect me."

"Mr. Deng," the bodyguard said in a coarse voice. Then, he added, "Mr. Mu attaches great importance to safety. Fortunately, I could deal with the situation because there were only a handful of men fighting with us. But the consequences would have been severe and unbearable if more men had fought me. I think we should ask Mr. Mu to dispatch more men to better assure your safety.

Andrew shook his head as he replied, "I'm very grateful to Mr. Mu for having arranged you to protect me. I don't want to bother him anymore. Do you have friends or comrades-in-arms who are eligible for this job? I hope that you could do me this favor and find some reliable men. I promise that I will pay them to their satisfaction."

The bodyguard nodded seriously. "I have some battle companions who have retired. At present, it is difficult for retired soldiers to find a proper job. Of course, I have been luckier than them, because I got acquainted with Mr. Mu and thus got this decent job. However, most of my comrades are not as lucky as I am. Anyway, Mr. Deng, I can contact them if you want to hire more men."

Without any hesitation, Andrew responded, "Okay. Get in touch with them for me. You'd better find a few more men."

The bodyguard gave Andrew an affirmative reply. Then, Andrew took out his cell phone and dialed Charles's phone number before telling Charles everything that had happened today.

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