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   Chapter 1170 Why Did You Let Them Go

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As Hiawatha spoke, he waved at Marian, who was standing behind him. Marian got the point at once and asked his men to surround Andrew. They wanted to force Andrew to come with them.

Andrew's bodyguard, who was standing next to him, immediately stepped in front of Andrew when he saw those men approaching him. One of Hiawatha's men rushed to Andrew and grabbed his arm, but before he could do anything, Andrew's bodyguard stopped him and fought back. Crack! Suddenly, the sound of impact of skin against skin broke the silence. The bodyguard broke the rascal's wrist.

These men had been Hiawatha's followers for a long time. They had never thought that Andrew's bodyguard would be well-trained. Seeing that one of their men had gotten his wrist broken, they pulled out their weapons and rushed toward Andrew.

But before they could make a move, Andrew's bodyguard trampled on them and broke their legs.

Hiawatha stepped back in surprise and put up his hands, as if in defense. He had once hired such well-trained men when he had been marking his territory and knew that these men would ask for a very high service fee. So, he thought that Andrew must have paid a lot for his bodyguard.

With a serious expression on his face, Hiawatha took a deep breath to calm himself down. "Oh, man, you are very good at martial arts! Which gang do you belong to?" he asked Andrew's bodyguard, feigning a calmness he did not feel.

The bodyguard said nothing but immediately went back to Andrew's side. Andrew looked at him and answered with a smile, "My bodyguard belongs to justice." Then, turning to Hiawatha, he said, "Mr. Dong, if you want to solve the problem, we can sit down to have a negotiation. Don't make me force it out of you. If you insist on being tough, what happened to Jordon will happen to you too. Am I clear?"

Andrew's words angered Hiawatha at once. He had thought that Andrew would treat him with a little more respect after finding out that he was the boss of Hiawatha Chemicals, especially since in his eyes, Andrew was nothing at all. But now, his thoughts began to stagger.

Andrew was from a prominent clan and now, he was trying to fight for the dominant position in the clan. Being a determined person, he would not quit unti

o hand it to Lenny.

Before, when he'd worked with Lenny, he had never seen Lenny being this patient and levelheaded. It seemed that Lenny had really made progress after Andrew had left his company.

In fact, the two main characters of this issue were Beryl and Jordon.

Andrew was just a person who had seen this incident happening and offered to help. If Lenny could successfully calm Beryl down and made this problem go away, Andrew had no reason to escalate it further.

Of course, he could use the excuse that Hiawatha's followers had wanted to hit him. However, it was a poor reason as those rascals belonged to Hiawatha and Lenny had nothing to do with it.

After thinking for a moment, Andrew smiled. "Okay, I have no problem with that. But if Jordon wants to hold me responsible for my behavior, he can find me any time."

Feeling angry, Jordon stood up and prepared to argue with Andrew. But before he could open his mouth to say something, Lenny quickly said, "Ah, that's your personal business. I have no right to intervene. But I'll try my best to persuade Jordon to make peace."

Andrew looked at Jordon and Lenny. "Okay. That's very nice of you, Mr. Nalan. See you later," he said and then left the room.

Beryl immediately followed him. Since Jordon's finger had been broken, she felt that she had gotten enough justice and didn't want to stay here anymore.

After Andrew left, Hiawatha asked Lenny with a puzzled look on his face, "Mr. Nalan, why did you let them go?"

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