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   Chapter 1169 I Will Have No Choice But To Take Action

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9000

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Hiawatha and the other men were surprised to see Jordon arguing with a young man, surrounded by a crowd of onlookers.

At the sight of Hiawatha and his companions, Jordon became more aggressive. Pointing at Andrew, he cursed, "I'll count from one to three. Then, go back where you should be or I'll get someone to beat you to death. One, two... Ah!"

Before Jordon could finish counting, Andrew grabbed his right index finger and swiftly bent it backward. There was a sound of a crack, and when Andrew let go of Jordon's finger, Jordon dropped to his knees in pain. His right index finger had almost touched the back of his hand a moment ago. Now, it was limply hanging forward.

Andrew had learned how to break someone's finger from his bodyguard. When Andrew had become a business partner, Charles had assigned him a bodyguard. After all, Charles cared about the safety of all his business partners. Therefore, he had asked Dragon to find a retired special soldier to be Andrew's bodyguard.

Dragon had found Andrew a bodyguard who had performed well during his time at the military. He had been good at free fighting, boxing, and driving special vehicles. He was an expert in many fields.

When Andrew had met his bodyguard, he had asked him to teach him some moves out of curiosity and his bodyguard had been more than happy to oblige. He had taught Andrew several simple and useful moves, most of which were grappling tactics that could be a deadly blow in a fight.

On the other hand, Jordon had always led a privileged life and had never been bullied or tormented like this. As soon as his finger broke, he started crying in pain and immediately dropped to his knees.

Hiawatha was shocked to see that someone had dared to lay a hand on his man in front of him. But before Hiawatha could open his mouth and question this stranger, a few men quickly walked up to him, and one of them asked with great concern, "Mr. Deng, what happened?"

These men were all domestic and international investors. They had been singing in high spirits inside their private room. Andrew had gotten bored after a while, so he had stepped out and headed to the washroom. There, he had happened to see Jordon hitting a girl. The investors, who had been wondering why Andrew had been missing for such a long time, had rushed out of their room as soon as they heard the commotion outside.

Although Hiawatha didn't know who these people were, he knew that most people who came here were either rich or from a noble background. With this thought in mind, he controlled his temper and turned to help Jordon up.

By now, anger had set in for Jordon. He had experienced many ups and downs in the busines

earing suits and ties.

At the thought of this, he realized that he could only decide how to treat these men after clarifying their backgrounds.

Letting out a heavy sigh, Hiawatha tried to maintain his composure before he said, "My name is Hiawatha Dong and I am the CEO of Hiawatha Chemicals. May I know your name?"

"Hiawatha Chemicals?"

Andrew and the investors behind him exchanged glances with one another. They didn't know whether to laugh or cry at this odd situation. A dozen ideas ran through Andrew's mind.

"Well, Mr. Dong, what a coincidence meeting you here. I'm the Vice President of Zeus Industrial International, and the men behind me are senior managers of some venture capital organizations. We came here tonight to relax, but now our plan has gone in vain."

Andrew didn't conceal his true identity from Hiawatha because he was sure that it would be useless for him to do that. Recently, there had been a lot of news about Zeus Industrial International in SH City, so it wouldn't be hard for Hiawatha to find out who he was with a basic investigation.

Hiawatha was taken aback upon hearing Andrew's words. 'Zeus Industrial International? Isn't that our rival?' he thought. Hiawatha doubtfully sized Andrew up, not knowing if he could believe this young man's words or not. Judging by Andrew's appearance and attire, Hiawatha felt that he must be a university student at most. How could it be possible for such a young man to be vice president of such a big company?

After thinking for a while, Hiawatha said, "Well, all of us have come here for fun and leisure. But you guys hit my friend first. It's impossible for me to just stand by and do nothing. If you don't want to go somewhere private to solve this issue, I will have no choice but to take action."

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