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   Chapter 1168 He Couldn't Have Been So Impulsively

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8708

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The man wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses was Jordon, who saw the back of this beautiful lady as he walked out of the washroom.

Beryl was applying lipstick before the mirror, slightly bending forward so she could see herself better. Her pose made her look naturally sexier. Thus, Jordon's eyes lit up at the sight of Beryl's figure. He had never seen a woman as sexy as the one before him.

After scanning the woman up and down, Jordon switched his attention to Beryl's face in the mirror. Then, the wine kicked in inside his head and he was overwhelmed with sexual desire. Staring at her, Jordon reached for Beryl's face and asked if she was a newcomer to that entertainment club. Jordon felt so lucky to be served by such a rare beauty. He was silently hoping that she was a new employee.

In fact, he wouldn't have acted that impulsively if he hadn't drunk so much wine. Seeing that Beryl was running away, he grabbed her arm and said, "Girl, don't leave. Go and drink with me." Then, he walked back towards his room, dragging Beryl by the hand.

On the other hand, Beryl was scared out of her wits. She had never expected to encounter something like this when she went to the washroom.

"Get your hands off me! Let go of me! Help! Help... Let me go."

Beryl was struggling as she yelped for help. However, Jordon's mind was already too clouded with alcohol to even loosen his grip. He had lost all his sensibility and exerted strength to drag Beryl. Her aggression ended up with nothing as she was weaker than him. He was a man after all and she was just a weak woman. In the end, Jordon successfully pulled her into his room.

The bar girls and guests in the next room heard Beryl's yell from the corridor. Thus, they came out to see what was happening outside. Nonetheless, none of them walked forward to stop the man who was dragging the girl.

Beryl immediately realized why this man had treated her this way after seeing many scantily dressed young girls. For Pete's sake, she had been mistaken for a bar girl in this dirty place.

With this in mind, Beryl really got anxious and fiercely hit Jordon with her small handbag and targeted his face. She screamed, "Let me off! Let go of me!"

Jordon was at a daze after the hit. He grew even more insensible. Beryl had been making every effort to struggle out of his grip at that time. Being infuriated so much, Jordon rolled his eyes and shot the woman an evil look. His temper erupted, so he dragged Beryl with greater strength and unleashed a slap on Beryl's face. Due to that, Beryl helplessly fell on the floor.

Even so, Jor

d in her mind. Thus, she asked the secretary if Mathews could attend the opening ceremony of Zeus Industrial International the day after tomorrow.

Dazed by Linda's unexpected invitation, the secretary told Linda that she would give her an update once she reported to Mathews. It didn't take long after that when the secretary called back and informed Linda that her leader agreed to attend the opening ceremony. She also asked Linda to make adequate preparations for the event.

Overwhelming joy flooded Linda upon hearing the news. Thus, she immediately shared the information with Andrew. Excitement showed on Andrew's face too. Being so thrilled, he invited the senior managers of the venture capital organizations for dinner. At the end of their meal, all the senior managers thought of having more fun. Andrew wanted to turn them down at first but then he felt embarrassed to do that. Thus, he had come to this entertainment club with them.

Seeing Andrew looking at him sideways, Jordon felt a little familiar with the young man. Nonetheless, he couldn't recall where he had ever met this man. Not recognizing that the man was the son of the famous Deng Clan, he snorted while pointing at Andrew, "Let me warn you again. This is none of your business. Don't ask for trouble. Believe it or not, I can kick you out of this club anytime."

"Mr. Liu, what happened?" Hiawatha asked, as he fumbled through a crowd of onlookers and gave Andrew a once-over. The truth was, one smart security guard had gone and informed Hiawatha when Jordon beat Beryl. Having heard about that, Hiawatha and some other people had no choice but to come out to look for Jordon. They even cursed inwardly that Jordon behaved immorally after drinking.

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