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   Chapter 1167 Are You A New Waitress Here

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Hearing what Lenny had said, Jordon smiled. "Hiawatha, we're old friends, so I'll definitely try my best to help you. But as you can see, the current situation doesn't look optimistic. Right now, the municipal government has only approved organizing a tender for First Chemical Works. However, whether this plant will be sold to you or not will depend upon the final decision of the municipal government."

Hiawatha, who was capable and talented, said aggressively, "We've been in the chemical industry for many years in SH City. I don't believe that a new company like Zeus Industrial International which has been just established can compete with us and win the bid."

Lenny, who was sitting next to Hiawatha, slightly coughed upon hearing his cocky words. Immediately, it dawned on Hiawatha that his words had sounded too conceited, so he began to fawn over Lenny. "Besides, we have you and Jordon standing by our side. We'll have nothing to worry about even if Linda and Charles decide to compete with us for the bid."

Lenny still kept calm and responded with a smile, "Hiawatha, you've thought too highly of me. But in a sense, I agree with you. Without help from me and Jordon, you might not even have gotten the chance to take part in this bid."

Compared to the past, Lenny looked a bit haggard. It seemed that Andrew had caused a lot of trouble for him. He was much more reserved and not as heartless as he had once been.

"Mr. Liu, I think we can enter into the acquisition agreement as soon as possible. After signing the agreement, you can submit it to the municipal government for examination and approval. That way, both of us will feel more relieved. Meanwhile, it will save you and the other leaders a lot of time and energy," Hiawatha explained patiently.

The smile on Jordon's lips slightly froze, but in an instant, he recovered the calm expression that he usually had. "Wow, you're so fast and energetic when it comes to making decisions. No wonder you can embark on so many different businesses and make considerable profits."

Jordon just flattered Hiawatha without mentioning the subject of signing the contract. From this reply, Hiawatha guessed that either Jordon might have already reached an agreement with Linda or that Jordon was not satisfied with the benefits that he had promised him. Whichever the case, Hiawatha thought that he had to offer Jordon more benefits so that they could come to a conclusion about the acquisition agreement.

Anyway, now that Jordon had intentionally strayed away from the topic of signing the contract, Hiawatha didn't bring it up again. Instead, he picked up his wine glass and proposed a toast to everyone present. "Mr. Liu, thanks f

who was walking to the washroom, suddenly felt his vision blur. He immediately stopped and rested his hand on the wall next to him. A few seconds later, with his head still swaying, he toddled toward the washroom.

Coincidentally, Beryl had come to the Imperial Entertainment Club as well. She had gotten off work earlier than usual tonight. She had had supper with some of her young female colleagues, who had suggested going out together to sing. They had chosen the Imperial Entertainment Club as they had heard that the sound equipment here was sophisticated.

Since she was free tonight, Beryl had come to the club with them.

While singing, Beryl felt the urge to go to the washroom. But when she went to the ladies' room on the second floor, she found a long queue as there were only two cubicles inside. Since she could barely control her bladder, she asked one of the waiters if there was another washroom she could go to. The waiter told her that she could use the washroom on the third floor but that she couldn't go to any of the rooms.

Without thinking too much, Beryl walked straight upstairs and directly went to the washroom.

Once she was done, she came out of the cubicle and stood in front of the mirror before taking her lipstick out of her handbag. But just when she had finished applying her lipstick, she suddenly sensed the pungent smell of wine filling the air.

She immediately looked up and noticed a middle-aged man who was wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses stretching his hand out with a lascivious smile on his face. As he attempted to touch her face, he said, "Honey, are you a new waitress here? What's your name?"

At the sight of this, Beryl shrieked with great fear and shrunk back. "What are you doing?" She turned around, intending to run downstairs.

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