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   Chapter 1166 What We Did Is Far From Enough

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7407

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Hearing his daughter's tone rise, Mathews was confused and asked, "What's going on? Do you know him?"

Beryl realized that her behavior must seem strange to her father, so she answered in a hurry, "No... I don't know him. But I saw him in the hotel lobby once."

Having been an officer for so many years, Mathews immediately sensed his daughter's unusual reaction. But he thought his daughter was feeling shy and wasn't willing to tell him her secret, so he didn't question her further. Instead, he made up his mind to ask his wife, Theresa Tao, to give his daughter some guidance.

At that time, Theresa Tao walked out of the kitchen. Seeing that Mathews and Beryl were having a conversation, she interjected, "Don't just stand there, Mathews. Dinner is ready. Let's eat together!"

Mathews shook his head. "No, thank you. I've already had dinner outside. Oh, I just remembered something. Beryl, this is a gift for you from Mr. Mu. He said that this was to apologize for his mistake on the phone this morning."

Mathews handed the box Charles had given him to Beryl. Beryl opened it and found a fine Parker Pen inside.

Charles had chosen this pen as a gift because he had thought that it would be useful for Beryl, who sounded like a young student.

Beryl liked the pen very much. Although she had, in fact, graduated from school and already started working, she had always liked writing. So, this gift gave her a good impression of Charles.

Charles knew Mathews' attitude very well, so after returning home, he talked about it with Linda. "Sweetheart, series A is almost over. But now, we have to face Zeus Industrial International's main competitor, Hiawatha Chemicals. If we want to start production, we need to purchase the First Chemical Works of SH City. That way, we will have enough equipment and personnel."

"Sweetheart, don't worry about the First Chemical Works. I will deal with it together with Dale tomorrow." As she spoke, she came over and gave Charles a kiss. Soon, the room was filled with moans of passion.

The next morning, Linda, together with her two men, attended the party of the Merchants Department of the local government. The leader of the Merchants Department, Jordon


That was what Charles had learned during his recent trip to the US. Risk management was necessary for all companies and capital. It was more important than to bring in big profits.

While Charles and Linda were busy with their work, Hiawatha Chemicals was also occupied by something. The head of Hiawatha Chemicals, Hiawatha Dong, was sitting at the dinner table. At the head of the table was none other than Lenny Nalan, who hadn't let out so much as a squeak in a long time!

This explained how Hiawatha Chemicals could dare to challenge Zeus Industrial International. The Nalan's Group was backing Hiawatha Chemicals. That was the reason Charles had found this situation familiar.

There were two middle-aged men sitting on either side of Lenny. One of them was Marian Luo, who had been driven out of the meeting room during the Series A for Zeus Industrial International!

The other man was also an acquaintance of Charles—Jordon Liu, the director of the Merchants Department.

Hiawatha Dong raised the glass and said, "Mr. Nalan, Director Liu, I'm really grateful that the officials of our city attach much importance to the acquirement of the First Chemical Works. It's an honor. Let's propose a toast to both of you!"

Then, Hiawatha Dong gulped down the wine in his glass. However, Lenny didn't touch his glass at all and asked, "Do you think you can successfully acquire the First Chemical Works this way? What we've done so far is far from enough!"

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