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   Chapter 1165 A Meeting With Mathews

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 10850

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At last, Charles had succeeded in making an appointment with Mathews. He wanted to meet and talk to him about the insurance fund in detail. He was thrilled to get this rare chance to become acquainted with this man. After telling Linda about his meeting with Mathews, he left the Mu's Group for that appointment. Considering that this meeting was very critical for him and the Mu's Group, Charles decided to especially buy a small gift for Mathews.

Charles and Mathews had agreed to meet at seven o'clock on the ground floor of the city hall. As courtesy, Charles arrived five minutes before the scheduled appointment and parked his car in the big parking lot of the building. A few minutes later, he saw a black Audi driving into the parking lot.

After the car was parked, a seemingly middle-aged man got out of the passenger seat. Casting a look at this man, Charles immediately recognized that it was Mathews.

Although this was their first meeting, both of them could easily recognize each other. They had frequently seen reports featuring their great achievements on many newspapers. As leaders of their respective businesses, it was only natural that their faces would be printed on the newspapers as well. Originally, Mathews had expected that Charles would be dressed in a formal suit and tie. Contrary to his expectations, Charles wore a crisp T-shirt and a pair of dark jeans. At the sight of this, Mathews teased Charles by saying, "Mr. Mu, as far as I know, you are the CEO of a big group. Why do you dress like a student?" Glancing around, Mathews added, "Well, where is your driver? Ask him to dine with us."

With good humor, Charles replied with a smile, "Mr. He, please don't tease me. I've driven here by myself."

Mathews was taken aback by Charles's reply. So far, all of his expectations of Charles Mu had not been met. Since he did not know Charles personally, his impression of him was shaped by the news reports. Since he had known that the young man before him was the CEO of the Mu's Group, he found it hard to believe that Charles would be unobtrusive and humble, unlike other young businessmen of his age who were vain and arrogant.

"Mr. He, I know a nearby restaurant that serves delicious French food. Shall we go there?" Charles asked Mathews in a tentative tone, because he was not sure about which kind of cuisines suited Mathews' taste.

Mathews turned down Charles' suggestion and replied, "No. Let's just go and dine in a nearby snack booth by the side of the road. Well, I really feel a bit hungry with the mention of food." As Mathews gave Charles this suggestion, he turned around and started walking towards the exit of the parking lot while the shocked Charles still stood where he was, lost in thought.

Charles was strongly bewildered by Mathews' suggestion, because he had expected that Mathews would have preferred dining in high-class restaurants with good atmospheres. To Charles' surprise, Mathews even suggested eating in a cheap snack booth that catered to ordinary people.

Still lost in thought, Charles was rooted to his spot. Meanwhile. Mathews had noticed that nobody was walking behind him. He stopped in his tracks to look at Charles and asked, "What are you thinking about? Le

bered a related incident in the past.

Charles nodded in reply, "It is a little late now. I am sending you back."

Before Charles could call Wiseman and ask him to drive, Mathews tapped his arm and said, "My house is just nearby. I can go back on foot."

"Then, let me walk back with you," Charles volunteered. Raising his hand, he made eye contact with the store owner. "Boss, may I have the bill?"

The store owner returned with the bill. Charles complimented the store owner's cooking and gave him a huge tip. After paying the bill, Charles walked together with Mathews. As the two of them arrived at Mathews' gate, they bade farewell to each other.

Tonight, they talked little about businesses. This would have been a pity for Charles, but he achieved something better. He had established friendship with an elder who could help him in his businesses in the future. Of course, this was more important for him than striking a business deal.

"Father, why did you come back so late?" A young woman opened the door for Mathews. If Charles was here at this moment, he would have been astonished to find that this woman was Beryl, the Guest Service Manager in the hotel where Andrew had stayed. She had scrutinized Charles while he was talking with Linda, Andrew and some professional managers.

"I dined with a friend tonight and learned a lot from our talk. Beryl, did a guy call you Mrs. He today? Haha..." Mathews teased his daughter, bursting into laughter.

Beryl sighed in annoyance, "Father. That guy must have told you about it."

In fact, Beryl was not Mathews' biological daughter, but the daughter of his comrade-in-arms. Before his companion's death in battle, he had entrusted Mathews to look after his daughter for him. So far, Mathews had treated Beryl as if she was his biological daughter and gave her all his love.

"That guy was so rude. Who is he?" Beryl casually asked.

Without any hesitation, Mathews replied, "He is Charles Mu, the CEO of the Mu's Group."

"What? Charles Mu!" Beryl yelled in a high-pitch voice all of a sudden. She thought about the man that she had seen in the hotel where she worked occasionally.

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