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   Chapter 1164 Discuss It Further

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8109

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It took a few moments for Hebert to compose himself. After all, he was caught off-guard. But once again, he regained his calm. In an unfazed voice, he asked, "What exactly do you want to do?"

Charles didn't answer his question but made a gesture to Linda. Then Linda said, "The problem is not what we want to do, but what you want to do! We all know Marian well. Without having yours and Kent's approval, how dare he do this so boldly? If I hadn't done this, wouldn't I be driven out?"

Hearing Linda's words, Hebert started to feel fearsome. He was really surprised that Charles actually could realize this point. However, he didn't show his surprise. He pretended to be calm and said, "Now that I'm held accountable for this, I quit my job. Isn't that enough?"

Linda shook her head and said, "It's not that bad. Mr. Li, please don't be hasty. Let's go back and have the conference first. After that, we can have a talk."

Finishing her sentence, Linda stood up and left the resting room. Charles patted Hebert on his shoulder before he returned to the meeting room.

Due to this rough patch, Hebert couldn't concentrate during the following meeting. What he really hoped to do now was to tell Kent what Charles had said to him. Hence he was impatient for the meeting to be over. After all, this wasn't a light matter. If they couldn't deal this matter well, then the consequence would be too bad.

Pushed by Charles and Andrew, the Series A for Zeus Industrial International went on very well. Even though Hebert had stopped investing in Zeus Industrial International, other venture capitalists thought that Zeus Industrial International had a promising future so they came forward to invest in it.

After more than three hours of discussion, Linda obtained 100 million investment from several organizations. This number was really good for Series A.

As soon as the meeting ended, Hebert said goodbye to others and left in a hurry with his people. He didn't attend the dinner party which Linda had prepared for them.

"It seems that Kent is not content with you," Linda said to Charles while she was looking at the disappearing figure of Hebert.

"There is nothing I can do about it. He had something else in his mind when we were in the US. Let's see what action they will take. But I will not let them go so easily!" Charles's eyes became deep as if he had made up his mind to do something.

Linda looke

rther thought. "Don't say that, Mr. Mu. I'm currently occupied visiting the front policemen. So I'm afraid I can't accept your invitation. We can meet some other time. I am positive we will have the opportunity to meet each other soon!"

"No, please don't refuse my offer. Actually my purpose is not just to see you. I have an idea to help the policemen who work in the front line." Charles was really good at attracting other's attention.

Mathews was inspired by what he said and so he asked, "Oh? What do you mean, Mr. Mu?"

"Being a famous business organization in SH City, or even in our country, the Mu's Group is willing to contribute to our society. We are aware that many policemen are working hard in the front line. Hence we decided to donate a sum of money to set up a fund. This will not just help the policemen working, but their sacrificing families too!"

Hearing what Charles said, Mathews He was kind of surprised. He had thought that Charles wanted to keep a good relationship with him so that he could protect his businesses as other businessmen do. However, he seemed different. Now he regretted judging Charles so quickly. Recently, many businessmen had contacted him for their own benefit. So it never occurred to him that Charles had called to help the policemen working in the front line! He sighed for a while before he said yes to Charles.

"All right, then. I will be back to the office at 7 o'clock tonight. We can meet on the ground floor of the government office building. While we have our dinner, we can discuss this further." Finishing his speech, Mathews hung up the phone.

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