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   Chapter 1163 A Thorough Investigation

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As Hebert realized that they had offended Linda and Charles, he coughed before explaining, "Ms. Xia, Marian might be a little straightforward, but he is capable and has made considerable contributions to our company. Although he might have offended you, please show him a little respect in front of so many people." He tried pleading on behalf of Marian to smooth over the tense situation.

Upon hearing Hebert's explanation, Linda picked up a file from the table and began reading out loud. "Marian, male, 28 years old, joined your company in 2014. During the course of his employment, he has been in charge of 9 investment projects. Out of those, he chose to invest in three companies and the total amount of the investments was 9 million. But as of now, one of those three companies is striving hard to survive, while the other two companies have already gone bankrupt after suffering devastating losses because of poor management." Then, she handed the file to Charles.

Staring at Marian, Charles thought for a while before he said, "If the sole surviving company can't find any new financing or sales channels, it will also go bankrupt within half a year. Is this an indication of your performance?"

Blushing in embarrassment, Marian stuttered, "It's a well-known fact that success and failure are uncertain when it comes to investments. I don't believe that you can always succeed in your investments."

Charles replied in a calm voice, "No one can ensure 100% success rate in investments. I can accept that investment managers might sometimes incur a loss in their investments because of their incapability or misfortune, but I absolutely can't tolerate them damaging the interests of our company."

Scared and angered, Marian questioned, "What do you mean?"

Still holding the file in his hand, Charles continued, "The general manager of the only surviving company is Wade Ma. After some investigation, I found out that he is your cousin. Two days after you invested 2.5 million dollars in his company, your cousin transferred 500, 000 dollars to your private account. Can you explain this?"

Marian broke into a cold sweat after hearing Charles's words. On the other hand, Charles, who was walking closer and closer to Marian with the file still in his hand, continued questioning him.

"By the way, when you invested in Royal Entertainment Club, which was your second investment project, Miss Guan, the owner of the club, transferred 880, 000 dollars to your girlfriend's account by telegraphic transfer right after you invested 3.2 million dollars in her club. Well, can you explain this?"

As Charles walked closer to him, Marian kept walking backward until his back hit the door of the meeting room. Without intending to stop, Charles said seriously, "There is no problem with the third investment you made, but this investment

mage were critical for any enterprise, and his company would lose both these things if this case went public.

"Well, Mr. Mu, Ms. Xia, may I speak to you alone?" Hebert asked after thinking for a while, looking rather sullen.

Shrugging, Charles stood up and walked into the lounge room beside the meeting room, followed by Hebert and Linda.

Staring at Charles and Linda, the two young people who were clever and level-headed even though they were much younger than him, Herbert let out a heavy sigh before he said, "The thing is, Marian has strong personal ties. It is inadvisable to report this case to the Public Security Bureau."

Linda smiled, as if she had been expecting him to say this. "Marian's uncle is Winton Luo, who acts as the leader of the National Development and Reform Commission; another uncle of Marian's works in Capital Steelmaking Plant. Well, no, I'm wrong; Capital Steelmaking Plant is now named Capital Steel Group. At present, his uncle is the marketing director of this company."

Hebert looked at Linda in surprise before switching his attention to Charles. Taking a cold and defensive stance, he asked, "How do you know all this information? When did you start investigating him?"

Hebert was shocked that Linda and Charles knew every detail about their company as well as its staff. It suddenly dawned on Hebert that even if Kent had personally come to attend this meeting, it would have been unwise for him to challenge Charles.

The truth was, after the time Charles had met Kent, he had asked Wiseman to investigate the backgrounds of several members in Kent's company. Among those members, Marian had the strongest personal ties, but he was the least capable and too arrogant.

Wiseman had found many clues after checking Marian's bank accounts. Afterward, he had thoroughly investigated Marian based on the clues he had found from his bank accounts.

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