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   Chapter 1162 Go Through A Hard Time Without Investment

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9281

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Charles had made an appointment with a few people to hold a financing meeting at Zeus Industrial International today. This financing meeting wasn't going to be specially convened for financing but directed against some people.

Seeing that Charles was talking on the phone, Elmer ate the roast duck on the plate in front of him while thinking over what Charles had said to him.

Deep down, he found that his views about risk investments differed a lot from Charles's. However, he was greatly tempted by the prospects that Charles had told him about.

A while later, Elmer noticed that Charles had kept his cell phone down on the table, so he set his chopsticks down and said, "Boss, I'm full now. Wiseman informed me about a meeting this afternoon. It's almost time for the meeting now. Shall we leave?"

Charles laughed. "I was just going to tell you about it but it turns out that you already know. You are so quick-witted!"

After his conversation with Elmer, Charles had a general idea of Elmer's views. He strongly believed that if Elmer recognized him as someone to follow, he could make Elmer become loyal to him by ensuring a project success rate of 100% in the next few years.

After paying the bill, Charles and Elmer left for the meeting in Elmer's car. On their way to Zeus Industrial International, the two of them discussed the content of that meeting in detail.

At half past two in the afternoon, the meeting room of Zeus Industrial International was almost full. All six members of Dale's management team had arrived. Linda, Andrew, Charles, Elmer, Wiseman, and the owners of some venture capital organizations were present as well.

"Is there anyone who hasn't arrived yet?" Charles asked Linda, who was sitting next to him, as he took a look at his watch.

Casting a glance at the list of attendees in her hand, Linda replied, "Kent is the only one who hasn't arrived yet."

Charles nodded without saying anything. Previously, when Charles had invested in virtual reality technology in the United States, he had quarreled with Kent. Thus, he had predicted that Kent wouldn't come to attend this meeting.

A moment later, the door of the meeting room was pushed open, and several people stepped into the office one after another. Throwing a glance at these people, Charles noticed that Kent really hadn't come, just as he had guessed.

Instead, a man named Hebert Li had come to attend this meeting on behalf of Kent. He looked older than 40 and more experienced than Kent, but appeared more unsophisticated and wore a solemn face.

Linda immediately got up from her chair to welcome them and shook hands with all the members of Hebert Li's team. She greeted all of them by their names before they could even introduce themselves to her.

hing is ready? In my opinion, you are just hoping to get money from us. Ms. Xia, do you really know about industrial production? How about your boss? Does he know anything about it? And does the young man from the Deng Clan know anything about it? I am reluctant to invest in such an enterprise, because I'm certain that we will gain no return from our investments. In fact, we might even suffer devastating losses."

This man had provoked them over and over again. Unable to control his temper anymore, Charles openly sneered at Marian Luo, who seemed to have been fooled and taken advantage of by Kent.

He shot a meaningful glance at Linda, who understood what he was thinking right away. Linda pointed at Marian Luo and ordered, "Get out right now!"

Marian Luo hadn't realized what Linda meant, so he asked, "What did you say?"

Before Linda could reply, Charles said in a cold tone, "Ms. Xia asked you to get out of here at once."

Upon hearing Charles's words, the entire meeting room fell silent. Marian Luo was so angry that his eyes turned red before he questioned back, "Why should I? What gives you the right to drive me out of here? I've come here to negotiate with you about investment." Looking around at all the other people present, Linda stated in a calm voice, "Usually, I am quiet and reserved. The boss knows this clearly. Generally, I give everyone I come across three chances. It's a pity that you didn't cherish the three chances I offered you."

At this moment, Marian Luo was furious but scared. But then he thought of the promise that Kent had made to him, so he gritted his teeth and pretended to be unyielding. "I am Kent's senior investment manager. You don't have the right to drive me out! If you do, I'll ask Kent not to invest in your company. Without investment, your company will go through a hard time."

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