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   Chapter 1161 The Financing Conference

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8129

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Charles had wanted to cooperate with Citibank. When he called its office, it was Elmer who answered the phone. After discussing the matter at hand, they ended up talking about other topics. This made both Charles and Elmer think that fate was really a magical thing.

Since that phone conversation, Elmer had found that most of his views were similar to Charles's. For example, when they had discussed different topics such as the arising challenges in the domestic economy, the upward trend of internet use and the future changes in the national capital market, they always agreed with each other.

He was greatly inspired by Charles who was forward-looking in many ways. When Wiseman had invited him to join the Mu's Group, Elmer felt that he was betting on a big venture capital investment. If ever, it would be a huge career jump for him but the stakes were also high.

Fortunately, Charles promised to give him a high gross income of 300, 000 dollars per annum. With that offer, his hesitation disappeared completely. That was to say, as long as Elmer continued to work at the Mu's Group, becoming a millionaire was no longer a pipe dream for him.

After getting into the car, Charles immediately briefed Elmer about the current situation of the Mu's Group. Elmer would soon become a special adviser sent to Zeus Industrial International by the Mu's Group, and he would be in charge of providing the stock trading service for Linda and Andrew's development project.

The project was very important as it would directly influence the outcome of whether Linda and Charles could win the support of the Deng Clan. During their conversation, Charles implied that Elmer would have to consider all kinds of relevant stakes.

As a perceptive person, Elmer immediately understood what Charles was thinking and what he needed to do for the Mu's Group. With a nod, he readily accepted Charles's request.

Although the Mu's Group was one of the largest conglomerates in SH City, it still needed additional support in its financial operations. A few days ago, Wiseman had brought Charles good news.

Wiseman was now negotiating a debt financing project of 100 million dollars with Goldman Sachs. Judging by the past performance of the Mu's Group, if everything would go according to plan, the financing deal would be settled soon.

During lunch, Charles asked Elmer a lot of questions about venture capital investments. Elmer tho

t of the Internet will be promotion. The Internet can indeed disrupt the operation of all kinds of industries, but at the same time, it also has the potential to promote the development of those industries!"

Charles's words rendered Elmer speechless. 'Yes, he's right. There are now too many enterprises and investors who can only see the immediate results while ignoring the future vitality and development of industries. Indeed, Charles's vision was unique in this way, ' he thought to himself.

"In the next two decades, all economies will grow faster than in any previous era. What does this mean for us? It means that we'll likely make a lot of money no matter which industry we choose to invest in. The key is to do, not wait!" Charles added.

Full of confidence, Charles looked at Elmer firmly. Elmer was so shocked that he did not know which he was amazed more: Charles's words or his manner. 'Although Charles is younger than I, he has such a great vision. More importantly, all this seems so far away, but so real.'

Listening to Charles's description, Elmer seemed to be able to see a panorama of the future. He had never gotten so excited like this. He began to conceive of a bright future.

At this moment, Charles's phone suddenly rang. Seeing Linda's name on the screen, he quickly answered the phone. "Darling, what's the matter? You must be in the office of Zeus Industrial International now, right?"

With a gentle voice, Linda said on the other end of the line, "Darling, you must have forgotten one thing. You should attend the financing conference of Zeus Industrial International today!"

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