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   Chapter 1160 Poached An Outstanding Talent

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 10304

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Charles was a little dazed when Linda asked him that question.

With his eyes fixed on her, he stammered, "Well, about my dream... I think my dream is to live my life without any regrets. Anyway, when it comes to the Mu's Group and you, I hope that I'll not have any regrets.

I just hope that when I have to leave this world and look back at the past, I won't feel there is something that I could have done differently."

Charles looked quite serious while he said these words. Linda had never seen Charles being so sentimental before.

With a smile on her face, Linda said gently, "Honey, I trust you."

"Honey, let's drop such a serious topic," Charles said to Linda, as he had initially wanted to talk about something else.

But contrary to his expectation, Linda's mood didn't change. With her eyes still fixed on Charles, she replied in a resolute voice, "I really believe you."

Amused by how sweet and serious she was being, Charles said, "Well, honey, we've talked enough about me. Then what's your dream?"

When Linda heard this question, her face turned a little sullen as she lost herself in her thoughts, but soon, she came back to her senses.

After a few moments of silence, she replied with a tinge of resentment in her eyes, "Everyone should take accountability for what they do. All of our lives are predestined and none of us can free ourselves from our fates."

Although Linda hadn't directly answered his question, Charles understood what she meant.

As he served Linda a piece of sushi, he blurted out, "Eat this. I will be with you forever."

Although Charles's reply was short and succinct, it meant more to Linda than any sweet and elaborate reply could have.

Linda nodded in agreement and then started relishing her food.

It almost took them an hour to finish their meal as they chatted and enjoyed the privacy of dining alone together. After the meal, Charles rode the bike he had rented back to Q University with Linda.

Linda sat behind Charles with her arms around his waist.

On their way back to the university, she whispered to Charles, "In fact, I have another dream..."

While riding ahead, Charles asked, "What is it?"

"I dream of being with you forever," Linda replied resolutely.

Without responding, Charles rode faster and faster. The two of them talked and laughed happily the whole way, as if they had traveled back to the happy days in the past when they had still just been dating.

The next morning, in the early hours of the day, Wiseman told Charles that he had poached an outstanding talent for the Mu's Group.

Then, he informed Charles that this talented man would arrive at SH City today.

A while ago, Charles had held a special meeting with the senior managers of the Mu's Group.

He had encouraged each senior manager to make tentative attempts to scout some new talents and investigate if they would be useful for the Mu's Group.

Of course, Wiseman had also been assigned this task. Now, Wiseman was the first one to approach Charles with some good news.

"How about his backgroun

k had amounted to only 80, 000 dollars. In fact, it was lower than the salary he had gotten from Citibank.

In spite of the lower salary, he had quit his job in Citibank two years ago and joined the foreign-funded bank because he had deep insights into the domestic market and thought that he would be able to get promoted quickly.

Unfortunately, the internal management in that foreign-funded bank was disorderly.

So, even though Elmer Wang had an outstanding performance record in that bank during his two years of employment, he hadn't been promoted to an important position. He had just started thinking about job-hopping when Wiseman had gotten in touch with him through one of his friends.

Then, Wiseman had asked him whether he was willing to join the Mu's Group.

Of course, Elmer Wang had been glad to receive this offer from Wiseman. After all, the Mu's Group was famous and had a good reputation in the domestic business circle.

However, Elmer Wang had been hesitant to accept the offer as he had been afraid that he would be treated the same way as he had been in that foreign-funded bank. But contrary to his expectations, Wiseman had persisted in contacting him over and over again to fix an appointment with him. Touched by Wiseman's persistence, Elmer Wang had finally agreed to meet Wiseman.

When they met, Wiseman had briefed Elmer Wang on the current situation of the Mu's Group and its future potential.

In particular, he had told Elmer Wang that the Mu's Group placed emphasis on the domestic market.

After finding out from Wiseman that Charles was the sole leader of the Mu's Group, Elmer Wang became more interested in the Mu's Group.

When Elmer Wang had been in the United States, he had heard about the successful financing of Creator Networks.

At Sequoia Capital, he had also been told about how Charles had obtained investments for Creator Networks. Thus, he had been extremely curious about what kind of man Charles was.

Coincidentally, Elmer Wang had even once talked to Charles over the phone.

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