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   Chapter 1159 What Is Your Dream

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7635

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After that, Andrew walked into the bathroom with a bath towel on him. Charles shook his head as he watched Andrew walk away.

"What were you talking about?" Linda asked when Charles came over to her.

"Nothing important. That guy is still a young student, after all. Now he's obsessing over a girl!" Charles pointed at the girl, Judith, who was not far from them.

At the moment, she was getting out of the pool.

Being smart, Linda got what Charles meant at once. "So shall we have dinner with him?"

"All Andrew can think about is that girl. Why would he want to have dinner with us? Let him go. Now let's have a race in the pool!


Even before finishing his sentence, Charles started swimming ahead. Realizing what he was doing, Linda protested, "Sweetheart, you're playing tricks again!"

Then, she started to swim too.

This was a standard-size swimming pool, so they both felt tired after completing seven rounds.

"Sweetheart, that's enough for me. Please stop!" Linda said.

"All right. Let's go!" Charles got out of the swimming pool.

Once they both washed up and changed their clothes, they left the hotel together.

Now that they didn't have to have dinner with Andrew, they could spend quality time with each other.

In the car, looking at his wife sitting in the front seat beside him, Charles couldn't help but be attracted by her.

"Focus! You're driving!" Linda chided playfully.

As they drove, a huge university campus loomed into view. "Honey, is that Q University, the university where you did a course, right?"

Charles asked curiously.

Linda didn't know why Charles was asking her that question, but she still nodded her head.

"How about we go in and have a look?" Charles suddenly said, feeling nostalgic when he looked at the campus.

"You want to have a look at the university?" Linda asked, thinking that it was an odd suggestion. "Why are you interested in it?"

"I just miss my days of being a student at university. Let's go and take a walk there!" Before Linda could say anything else, Charles drove the car in the direction of Q University.

When they arrived at the gate, it was about 5.30 in the afternoon. The students were just getting done with their afternoon classes.

Now, many of them were w

Linda didn't like to eat raw food, but she saw Charles enjoying it, so she decided to try some.

"How about it, sweetheart? Do you like it?" Charles asked gently.

Linda started coughing because of the mustard. After a while, she replied, "It's better than I expected."

Charles offered her another piece of sashimi and said, "You'll get used to it. Actually, this is the kind of food that our ancestors ate.

There are a few Chinese idioms that mention raw slices of meat. Later, ancient Chinese people discovered that raw fish was not clean enough to eat, so they stopped eating it."

Linda looked at him pointedly. "Why are you eating it now if it's not clean enough?"

Charles shook his head and said, "It's different. Ancient Chinese people ate fish from freshwater like rivers and lakes, which contain a lot of parasites.

So, they stopped eating them. But things are different in Japan, which has a lot of islands. Japanese people mainly eat fish from the sea, which barely contain parasites.

So, the habit of eating raw slices of fish didn't stop in Japan."

Linda didn't like eating anything raw, so she had never heard about this.

After trying a few more pieces of sashimi, she gradually started thinking that it was really delicious.

"Sweetheart, do you have a dream?" Charles asked suddenly.

Linda hadn't expected Charles to ask her such a question, so she was stunned.

"What about you, Charles? What is your dream?" Linda asked back without giving an answer, her eyes shining.

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