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   Chapter 1158 Go On A Date

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Charles called Omar and told him that he had faxed a list of data and information to him.

He asked Omar to collect and prepare all the material in the list.

He also told Omar that they could finalize their cooperation agreement to invest 20 million dollars in Downwind Real Estate once his survey was done and he found no issues with it.

As a matter of fact, Charles had been focusing his investments on high-tech enterprises instead of real estate companies like Downwind Real Estate. However, he wasn't closing his door to new projects and the real estate industry was still on the rise.

Charles definitely wanted to try investing in different industries.

His decision to invest in Downwind Real Estate didn't arouse many disagreements inside the Mu's Group.

After handling all business matters, Charles and Linda drove to the hotel where Andrew was staying.

It was Linda who made an appointment with Andrew before they left the Mu's Group. She asked him if they could all dine together. Previously, Andrew had complained about Charles disregarding his presence after he asked Linda to help them.

Aside from the fact that Andrew was from the Deng Clan, it was obvious that Charles didn't even care about what Andrew said. Rather, he went with Linda straightly to Andrew's place after their jobs.

Charles dialed Andrew's phone number as soon as they reached his hotel. But then, no one was picking up the line even after Charles redialed Andrew's number over and over.

Looking at her watch, Linda spoke to Charles, "It is already three o'clock in the afternoon.

We will have to rush back here if we go home at this time."

"Yes, you are right. I think we can go to the gym in this hotel and do some exercise. What do you think?" Charles turned to Linda and asked upon seeing several fitness enthusiasts coming out of the hotel.

Thinking for a while, Linda nodded her head and smiled.

Nonetheless, hesitation immediately flooded her face after a while.

"But we don't have anything with us for exercise. We didn't even bring our sports clothes."

Charles stepped out of his car and then took Linda by the hand. He then said, "That's not a problem. I'm sure that there are some products available at the gym's front desk."

Soon enough, the two of them were already inside an elevator, heading to the gym on the sixth floor. Charles was right. There were indeed some products sold at the gym's front desk which were meant for sports.

A huge swimming pool welcomed their views as soon as they stepped into the gym. Thus, they both bought swim wears for themselves.

They used Andrew's room number and name to get in because the gym was exclusive for the hotel's guests.

Immediately, they changed their clothes, intending to exercise while waiting for Andrew to reply.

They jogged for 15 minutes on a treadmill first.

Then, they did exercises specific for shoulders, back, chest, waist, and legs.

I've gotten older. I know that the younger generations are all awesome! However, haven't you agreed to dine with me and Linda tonight?"

With a laugh, Andrew replied, "Ah, Mr. Mu. You are always very busy with your businesses.

Don't you think that this is the perfect time for you and Ms. Xia to relax? Of course, you should grab this chance to be intimate with Ms. Xia. I feel sorry to always waste your time."

Upon hearing Andrew's far-fetched explanation, Charles cursed with a grin, "So technically you are putting your friends aside after getting smitten by that girl. Well, there's really no problem for you to dine with her. However, don't make your relationship progress too fast.

It would be better if you two could know each other more before getting into something more romantic."

As Charles advised Andrew to be a little more vigilant, Andrew's expression completely turned indifferent to what Charles was saying. Thus, Charles felt helpless for Andrew but then just decided to shut up.

Even though Andrew was his friend now, Charles didn't want to intervene with Andrew's privacy, especially his romantic relationships. He wouldn't want their friendship to be impacted negatively after all.

By that time, Linda had already finished swimming a few laps. She then waved at Charles as soon as she reached the edge of the pool.

"Ms. Xia is calling you. Go to her right away. I need more time appreciating my beautiful Judith," Andrew said.

As he began to walk, he noticed that Judith was swimming in the pool not far away again. Seeing the hot girl in the water, Andrew became excited.

Having done enough exercise, Charles decided to go swimming. Thus, he got up from the lounge chair and quickly dived into the water.

Then, he turned around and asked Andrew, "Do you want to join us for a while?"

Shaking his hand, Andrew gestured to Charles that he would climb upstairs to get changed and go on a date a moment later.

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