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   Chapter 1157 How Attractive He Looks

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9852

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Previously when Omar introduced this operation mode to Charles, he had failed to explain it thoroughly.

Although Charles knew that the investment in a real estate project was mostly loaned from banks, he had taken it for granted that at least half of the investment was made by the project undertaker. However, after hearing Omar's explanation, he was stunned to know that the money that the undertaker spent in a real estate project was even less than 1/3 of the total investment.

Now it finally dawned on him why so many real estate developers still made every effort to undertake real estate projects in modern times, even though both the housing prices and the profit margin were low.

Letting out a heavy sigh of disbelief, Charles replied with a firm nod, "Well, I will invest 20 million dollars in this project. Please come to my office again next week, except Monday.

Then, we will enter into our cooperation agreement."

Omar was thrilled to hear that Charles would cooperate with him and invest 20 million dollars in his project. These days, he had been overburdened with anxiety to get 20 million dollars for initiating the project.

The Housing Administration had specified that he should prepare the initial fund for starting the project within 2 months.

If he failed to get enough initial fund for the project within this time limit, the plot would be developed by someone else.

Right after hearing Charles's words, Omar responded with excitement, "Okay, no problem. Tomorrow is Monday, so I will meet you in the early morning of Tuesday."

Charles nodded in agreement before solemnly shaking hands with Omar.

He noticed that Omar's hand was trembling in excitement. Charles couldn't help but grin seeing this reaction.

In the early morning of the following morning, Dale came to SH City with the management team that he had just built.

Charles drove Linda and Andrew to the airport himself.

The last thing he wanted was for Linda to drive on her own. He knew how tired she would get. On the other hand, he had no reason to ask Andrew to drive.

As a result, he had no choice but to drive the car by himself.

At this moment, he realized for the first time that he had to find a reliable driver. As CEO of a big group, it was a shame he didn't have one already. As he thought about this, he felt a bit embarrassed.

Now, he wasn't short of money. But with the rapid development of the Mu's Group, there was a lack of personnel at times.

At present, this was just an area that Charles had to improve.

In fact, it was easy for him to recruit personnel, but it was rather hard to find trustworthy people.

If he wanted to employ diligent, reliable and trustworthy people, it would be more difficult. In actuality, this had worried Charles a little.

Very soon, the three of them arrived at the airport, where they met Dale and several professional managers.

Then, Charles led them to the lob

the same time, Linda blurted out, "Mr. Yang, I will give you one week. In this period, please make sure to build the management team of our company And about the office, I will talk to the Global Center.

It is the best office building in SH City. In the next few days, you shall deal with Andrew frequently to know more about each other.

After all, the two of you will have to collaborate in the future."

Dale replied without hesitation, "Ms. Xia, please rest assured. Now that I have agreed to work for the company, I will surely perform my duties well.

In addition, Mr. Mu and you treat me so kindly. If I don't oblige to perform my duties, I must be a very ungrateful bastard. And I assure you that I am not one."

All other people present burst out laughing upon hearing what Dale had said.

The girl named Beryl Tang even especially threw a glance at them and then wore a mystified expression on her face upon hearing their laughter.

However, neither Charles nor Linda had noticed that the guest service manager standing behind looked a little awkward and weird.

When Charles and Linda left, Andrew didn't go with them, so Linda insisted that she would drive.

At her insistence, Charles yielded and let Linda do it.

Lately, he had been engrossed with many corporate businesses that he had very little time for doing physical exercises. Therefore, he seized every chance to do exercises, even inside his car.

Charles was someone who loathed wasting time. He always had several books and a pair of dumbbells inside his car.

But recently, he had been too tired to make use of them. As soon as Charles got into the car, he picked a book up and started flipping through it.

As the car whizzed past the streets, he slowly fell asleep, letting out a snore.

Staring at this man that she loved a lot from the rear-view mirror, Linda couldn't help smiling. 'Look how attractive he looks even while snoring, ' she thought dreamily.

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