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   Chapter 1156 Earn Considerably From This Industry

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 11255

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On the other side, Omar Huang, the CEO of Downwind Real Estate, which was the biggest real estate enterprise in SH City, came to the Mu's Group to find Charles.

Charles had made a huge success in the "Single-family Villa I" project recently and Omar Huang was thinking of cooperating with him for a big real estate project.

Being a businessman himself, Charles knew how to deal with others really well. Thus, he immediately walked out of his office as soon as his secretary told him about Omar Huang's arrival.

The two of them kindly shook hands as soon as they met, exchanging pleasantries with each other as if they were old bosom friends who hadn't met for several years. But the truth was, this was their first time meeting each other.

Not wanting to beat around the bush, Omar Huang smiled at Charles and went straight to the topic. "As a matter of fact, I've come here with a purpose, Mr. Mu.

I undertook a big project recently. It has a lot area of 200, 000 square meters and is located at the intersection of East Riverside and West Riverside.

It is near the newly developed zone and the houses around it are currently being demolished. Would you like to cooperate with me in this project, Mr. Mu?"

Omar Huang thought that Charles would be pleasantly surprised about what he said. It was big news after all. However, he didn't expect the calmness on Charles' face when the man looked at him.

It was only then that Omar Huang understood how he had misjudged Charles.

"Congratulations, Mr. Huang! You've undertaken a very good project. I feel honored that you have thought of cooperating with me about it," replied Charles after a moment of silence and careful thinking.

Omar Huang immediately sensed the hidden meaning in those words.

It appeared like Charles wasn't convinced with what he said. Thus, he felt compelled to explain further and talked in a calm voice. "Please don't overthink, Mr. Mu.

My only hope for this project is for us to have a win-win partnership. After much thought, I've felt that it will be hard for me to have such a big project completed on time. Knowing that you've just successfully finished a big project, I came here to talk about us being business partners."

"Oh? Really? As far as I know, serious problems took tolls in the real estate industry recently.

You even suffered a devastating loss in the real estate project you invested in Hong Kong because of that. Then due to your capital shortage, you applied for an enormous amount of loans from a bank. Am I right?"

Charles was very casual while talking. He then took a sip of tea that was served for him.

On the other hand, Omar Huang was a bit startled by how Charles frankly pointed out his current financial situations.

Although a bit annoyed with how offensive the man before him talked, Omar Huang kept his composure and smiled at Charles. He wasn't a rookie when it came to businesses after all and he had accumulated enough experiences when it came to handling this type of situation. After being quiet for a while, he replied. "Of course not, Mr. Mu. I think that you are aware of the developments happening in Downwind Real Estate.

If you are going to consider my prestige and position within the real estate industry, then you should have known that I can easily attract a lot of investors. Thus, I'm telling you that


He knew that it would cost very little to initiate a real estate project and earn considerably in the post stage. However, he had never expected that the initial cost was even so low. He couldn't believe how an amount of 50 million dollars was enough to start a project worth 150 million dollars. More so, 150 million dollars could be earned from a project which merely required that tiny amount. After the calculation, he found the actual profit margin was higher than 300%.

It was only then that he came to know how profitable the real estate industry was.

To Charles' surprise, Omar Huang casually replied, "It's nothing. Other big real estate enterprises such as Darwin Real Estate and Universal Real Estate earn more profits at much lower costs.

To complete a project, they might even spend some money on renting offices, whereas all the money they cost is loaned from banks.

Upon their completion of the project, the profits are even twenty or thirty folds their investment."

"A real estate enterprise can acquire a plot through personal ties and with the plot, it can apply to banks for loans. Once the enterprise gets the initial loans, it can formally put its project into construction.

But in the early stage of our project, we will have to spend some money on water supply, power supply, road pavement, and site leveling. After our formal commencement of the project, banks will absolutely approve our loan applications. As I've mentioned, 150 million dollars would be invested in this project in total.

In fact, the loan interests for banks have been included in this cost," Omar Huang further explained to Charles in detail.

His main goal at that time was to make Charles understand all the advantages of the business so that Charles could make his decision to invest in his project as soon as possible.

"Well, I honestly haven't thought that this industry is this profitable!" Charles couldn't help sighing at Omar Huang's explanation.

It was not until this moment that Charles had understood why so many enterprises paid close attention to the real estate industry regardless if they were big or small.

All of them just wanted to earn considerably from this highly profitable industry.

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