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   Chapter 1155 Let Me Introduce Myself Again

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Just as planned, Linda, together with Andrew, had been visiting some people that were introduced by Charles during these past few days.

Everything had been arranged accordingly. As long as Dale finished setting up the managing team, they could carry out their next plan.

During this time, Linda received an invitation from the Federation of Industry and Commerce of SH City.

They invited Linda to attend an activity held by the Federation of Industry and Commerce. They had planned to invite Charles, but Charles told them that he was too busy to attend the event.

He then recommended his wife Linda Xia. So they sent the invitation to Linda instead.

The Federation of Industry and Commerce claimed to be a non-governmental organization, but in most cases, its chairman was a local government official. Other leadership roles of the Federation of Industry and Commerce were occupied by officials from the government as well.

Although the organization was non-governmental, since it consisted of powerful individuals, participating in its activities would be good for the business in some way or other.

Being one of the shareholders of the Mu's Group, Linda was qualified to attend this event to represent Charles who could not attend.

This was also a good opportunity for Linda to publicize Zeus Industrial International which would enter the market soon.

In order to prepare the event, Linda went for a more mature look.

She put on a cheongsam and arranged her hair in an updo style, which made her look graceful and elegant. After finishing her preparations, Linda and Andrew went to the venue of the event which was located at the Star Theater.

A brand new, sleek Audi A8 with red license plate went into the parking lot of the theater without being inspected by the security team.

The guards at the gates saluted them in unison. They were all members of the armed police who were sent there temporarily to secure the event.

With the rapid development of the Mu's Group, Charles continued to keep a good relationship with the local government.

He often attended high-ranked conferences and meetings. As it was really troublesome to check his identity each time, the mayor especially granted him a special pass.

As of the moment, this special pass was placed in front of Linda's car.

When the guards saw this pass, they thought it was a high-ranking government official inside the car.

With this assumption, they saluted Linda. In reality, the special pass had been a symbol of privilege as it was granted to

led coldly, "right?"

Andrew had been beside Linda all this time but kept silent while listening to their conversation.

With Linda's last word, the air around them seemed to become colder. Andrew and Hicks Hu, as well as everyone who was listening to the conversation, got chills in their spine.

At that moment, both Andrew and Hicks were thinking that Linda actually had the same powerful aura as Charles.

Hicks wiped his forehead. The room was fully air-conditioned but there was cold sweat on his forehead. Then, he held the tea cup and smiled with a flattering expression, "Ms. Xia has such an unusual aura. You're really Charles Mu's wife!"

In a few seconds, Linda's powerful aura disappeared and her disposition returned to its normal state.

"Mr. Hu, I've never expected that you would say that. It seems that you are still suffering from the psychological effects from dealing with Charles!"

Hicks' smile was frozen on his face. "Ms. Xia, what do you mean?"

Linda didn't answer his question but said with a smile, "Let me introduce myself again. I'm Linda Xia, the CEO of Zeus Industrial International!

The one beside me is the vice president, Andrew Deng from the Deng Clan!"

Hicks' expression changed suddenly as if he had eaten something strange. He asked in stumbling words, "Deng... the Deng Clan in the capital city

It's really amazing that Ms. Xia is not only Charles Mu's wife, but also runs a company together with the Deng Clan! I really made a mistake just now!"

After he said that, Hicks Hu showed a submissive aura and escaped in a hurry.

After that, the name of Zeus Industrial International started to be known in the business field of SH City.

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