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   Chapter 1154 The Sales Report

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 10488

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Coincidentally, upon her return from the United States of America. Linda had decided to further her education at the Department of Economics at Q University.

It was because she wanted to be more insightful in the businesses.

When Charles told her that he was going to do Andrew a favor, Linda thought it over before giving Charles an answer.

Like Charles, she was also determined to help Andrew.

In her opinion, Charles could use this opportunity to drive the development of the Mu's Group further.

Linda also knew that Charles had been busy with corporate business matters day and night for her sake.

After several days, Charles met up with Andrew again. This time, Linda came with him as well.

With a smile, Linda said, "Well, you go and register a company first. Then, I'll hold sixty percent of the shares of the company in the name of the Mu's Group, while you will hold forty percent of the shares.

You shall contribute two million dollars, while I will invest three million dollars. But I'll have the final say on the operations of the company. Do you agree?"

Nodding his head, Andrew replied, "Yes, I can't agree with you more.

It wouldn't matter even if you don't invest in the company. Now that I have you and Charles on my side to help me, I surely trust the two of you."

Andrew's company was registered soon afterwards. The Mu's Group held sixty percent of the shares of his company, while Andrew had forty percent.

Charles had hoped to ask Andrew to name the new company as Umbrella Corporation. It seemed very fitting given Andrew's current situation.

However, it was beyond Charles' expectation that this name had already been used by a company that sold umbrellas, especially when films about biochemical crises were prevalent.

So with disappointment, Charles had no choice but to think of another name for the company.

After discussing it with Linda, Andrew finally decided to include Zeus in the name of the company.

At last, this new company was named Zeus Industrial International.

As far as they knew, Zeus was the king of gods in ancient Greek mythology.

Linda and Andrew had named this company by drawing lessons from the name of Creator Networks that Charles had invested in.

Since the company had been established, the next thing that Linda and Charles needed to do was to help with the operations of the company. Right after the company's establishment, Linda asked Wiseman to employ a professional manager for her as soon as possible.

In addition, she especially reminded Wiseman that the professional manager must be from the yellow race. Upon hearing this, Wiseman intentionally teased, "Ms. Xia, that's racial discrimination. Don't you know that?"

She threw Wiseman a glance and explained, "Andrew is from a big clan. They attach great importance to lineage.

Andrew's father won't recognize Andrew if he succeeds in starting a business with the help of a person who is not from the same race as them."

Shortly after hearing Linda's explanation. Wiseman recommended a person to Linda and showed her the man's resume. This man was Dale Yang.


n to the big cities.

He thought that branches of the Mu's Group wouldn't be put in big trouble as long as he could maintain high sales in the big cities. Wiseman couldn't pay equal attention to all the cities, even in the confrontation of Lenny's moves. After all, he wasn't Charles, the CEO of the Mu's Group, who could take accountability for all risks.

Wiseman had even reported his decision to Charles.

However, Charles had never expected that the sales growth would have fallen so dramatically in some of the small and medium-sized cities.

In spite of this, he didn't think that the Nalan's Group could defeat the Mu's Group. Having engaged in businesses for so many years, he had experienced many different hardships.

With abundant business experience, Charles was confident that the Mu's Group ranked top in SH City.

Of course, he didn't look down upon Lenny. After all, he knew that Lenny was always fond of scheming through checks and balances.

Lenny was very good at standing by one's side while fighting against the other one. Therefore, Charles concluded that he should be on his guard against Lenny.

Charles wasn't scared by the Nalan's Group, although he always reminded himself that he must attach great importance to this threat.

If Charles didn't want to suffer any losses or failures because of Lenny, then he had to keep his guard up.

At the thought of this, Charles picked the sales report up and started going through it once again.

At the end of his review, he heaved a sigh of relief. Apart from the five cities where the sales growth was below the national average, Charles found that the sales growth of the Mu's Group was extremely high in all the other cities.

In fact, the Mu's Group had defeated many of its rivals in the majority of the cities.

If it was purely calculated based on the sales, Wiseman had outdone in the sales target.

Andrew couldn't return home due to his personal family matters. Of course, Charles didn't treat Andrew disgracefully.

He booked a suite for him at a five-star hotel near the Mu's Group.

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