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   Chapter 1153 The New Era

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Charles sighed. Andrew seemed to tell him a long story.

So he didn't ask again, but looked at Andrew, waiting for him to open his mouth again.

"My mother was also born in a big clan. But she was educated in a Western country.

When she was twenty years old, she married my father. She tried more than once to avoid such a fate of making alliances through marriage. To do this, she even took me abroad. But..."

Andrew sighed. Then he paused for a moment to compose himself. He then sighed heavily again before he continued, "But she was taken back in the end. Making alliances with marriage is a way to maintain the relationship between different clans. We seemed unable to free ourselves from the chains of that.

We cannot lead the life we want and cannot marry the person that we really love."

Charles, of course, understood how Andrew was feeling. He patted Andrew on the shoulder with sympathy.

"Now I've come to you in the hope that you can help me. Previously, I had some rights in my clan.

But some others stepped in when I was fighting against you. As long as I can prove myself again, I will be trusted by my clan.

I don't want power nor benefit. I only want to protect my mother from being hurt again, because of me!"

Andrew recalled his experience of what it was like growing up in his family, with calmness and sadness.

Charles quietly listened and looked at him with sympathy in his eyes.

He would have expected to have heard about such a sad and bitter story from a movie or a TV series, but never in real life.

Yet, here he was listening to the story directly from the person. It felt totally different.

To do him justice, if Charles could choose to be born in such a clan or an ordinary family, he would prefer to live the happy life that he did now, together with Linda.

He wasn't willing to let his life be restricted by such a complex net.

When Andrew had finished his story, Charles said slowly, "Mr. Deng, I see. I'm sorry to have reminded you of so many

unhappy things."

Andrew shook his hand and answered, "No, no! These words have been in my mind for a long time.

I feel better getting it out in the open and telling you about it, Mr. Mu. Maybe it's meant to be like this.

We were competitors, but I can tell you what is in my heart. Something that I also felt is amazing!"

Charles tried to console him and said, "Actually, we can't choose what kind of family we're born in. But we can still do something about our fate.

It all depends on whet


while he asked his question slowly.

Pondering about what Charles had said for a while, Andrew's facial expression had slowly changed. He didn't look as frustrated as before, and a hint of confidence crept to his face.

"So, Mr. Mu, do you think I still have a hope to win?"

Charles nodded his head and replied, "Of course I do.

Being so capable and decisive when you competed against me, you are sure to win if you still act like that! Trust me!"

Andrew clenched his fists. His ambition started growing in his heart. He was fully aware that

only when he controlled the Deng Clan, then he could avoid the fate of being under another's mercy. He was eager to become powerful and strong, which he had never felt that hunger before.

Andrew looked at Charles with confidence and determination in his eyes. He asked, "All right, Mr. Mu. Tell me what I should do?"

Charles glanced at him calmly then suddenly chuckled. "I like the expression on your face now.

Remember, the only person that you should rely on is yourself."

Andrew nodded his head seriously.

Then Charles started to draw something on a piece of paper in front of him. "All right. Let's make a good plan first!"

The two young men looked at each other, and there seemed to be a flame burning in their eyes.

Charles suddenly remembered what Linda had said to him a long time ago.

"In the business field, there is no one who can be your enemy forever." Now what she said seemed to have come true.

Having Linda's capability and vision, Charles could surely help Andrew obtain his right of inheritance.

Now he and Andrew could turn a new leaf and enter a new era of their own.

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