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   Chapter 1151 Act As A Guest Performer

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It was rare to see a luxurious Lincoln car with extended length even in Universal Studios Hollywood.

Thus, Charles and Linda attracted a lot of attention when they got out of the vehicle.

The pedestrians were all under the impression that a celebrity had come upon seeing their car, so all of them swarmed towards it.

Charles had never expected something like this to happen. Without any other choice, he took Linda by the hand and fumbled through the big crowd of onlookers.

It took a lot of effort for them to finally enter Universal Studios Hollywood.

Then coincidentally, they both saw someone familiar as soon as they stepped in. It was Nancy Luo, one of the top-rated female Chinese celebrities.

Charles easily recognized her because of her popularity.

Out of courtesy, he walked towards the woman while holding Linda's hand.

"Miss Luo. What a coincidence to meet you here!" he greeted her in spite of Linda's presence.

He wasn't worried that his wife would become jealous at all since he had always assured her that she was the only one that he loved.

Realizing that someone just called her, Nancy Luo turned around and was shocked to see Charles.

"It is indeed a coincidence to meet you here, Mr. Mu. Who is this lady?" she asked, noticing that Charles was holding hands with another woman.

Nancy Luo had no clue that Charles had gotten married.

On the other hand, Linda, who had been a fan of Nancy Luo for so long, was a little giddy beside Charles when she saw her idol.

Trying her best to maintain her composure, she smiled and replied on Charles' behalf, "I'm Charles' wife, Linda Xia. Miss Luo, you can call me Linda."

"Nice to meet you, Mrs. Mu.

You look pretty and elegant. Have you ever thought of acting in movies or TV dramas? I can recommend you to directors if you like."

Charles felt a little embarrassed to be left alone all of a sudden. He hadn't thought that Linda and Nancy would get along in an instant.

The two of them looked very happy while chatting. Charles even felt a bit out of place. Not knowing what to do, he took a seat on a further side of the lobby, staring at Linda and Nancy Luo helplessly.

"The science-fiction movie that you starred last time is awesome, Nancy. Why don't you appear in more movies of this kind?" Linda asked out of curiosity.

Letting out a heavy sigh, Nancy Luo responded, "I have received some offers from several directors since that movie.

However, I declined all their invitations. I want to try some other roles. I don't want to impress audiences by acting in just one type of films

feel bored, Linda took his hand and walked with him while appreciating the furnishings and decorations inside the studio.

At times, she even exclaimed in astonishment. During their visit, the two of them found out that almost 70% of sitcoms were shot in this same place.

Both of them could still clearly remember many scenes.

There was a big stage inside the studio, and a backdrop was set up in the center of the stage.

Hundreds of chairs were aligned in rows on the high platforms around the stage. They were probably prepared for the audiences.

Just a few moments after Nancy Luo hung up her phone, a sweaty fat man came running to her, panting, "Ah, my goddess. I am shocked to see you here so early."

Nancy Luo hugged the fat man and smiled.

As the fat man noticed Charles and Linda standing behind Nancy Luo, he winked at her and asked, "Let me guess. Do they want to poach you?"

Nancy Luo rolled her eyes and said with a laugh, "No, that's impossible. He is my friend.

I think he can act as a guest performer together with me in our sitcom. Anyway, he will only have to tell a few lines, won't he?"

After finishing her words, Nancy Luo winked at the fat man, waiting for an affirmative answer from him. The fat man, who seemed to be put in a daze, replied with an evil smile, "That's a great idea. The rehearsal will start ten minutes from now. Well, you can make some preparations for the rehearsal together with him. Oh, by the way, what's his name?"

Before Nancy Luo could even answer the fat man's question, Charles and Linda walked over to her.

Charles was pretty much confused by what he heard. Thus, he asked, "Wait, Miss Luo. What happened? Act as a guest performer? What do you mean?"

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