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   Chapter 1150 You Are So Beautiful

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Then, Charles finally opened his mouth to join the discussion. He proposed a financing plan, which shocked everyone there, especially Glen. A dazed look appeared on Glen's face as he observed Charles. There was something extremely aggressive in his features.

Yet, he had no desire to offend Charles, so he remained silent. But he continued to grit his teeth and shake his head in grief.

After moments of silence, Charles merely shrugged his shoulder helplessly before he said, "If you don't agree to my conditions, then I don't think there is any need for further discussion. To be frank, I think the likelihood of suffering a devastating loss in investing your company's virtual reality technology isn't high. Anyway, your company is a pioneer in the domestic field of virtual reality.

But there is a problem: the risks in your subsequent businesses are too high. In the face of such high risks, the investment will be of little significance.

Until you lower the investment risks and reduce your company's investors, there isn't much we can do."

After hearing Charles' words, both Lance and Glen fell silent.

"I think I have made my conditions very clear. If you can approve them, then I have no problem investing in the virtual reality technology of your company. Now it is up to you. Both of you can take your time and discuss it further with each other.

Also, remember that business is business. My conditions are not directed against anyone. I just want to safeguard my own interests." With this explanation, Charles expected that Lance's team would solve this problem.

Afterward, he took a seat sideways.

Seeing that their negotiation had been brought into a deadlock, Lance said in a low voice, "Glen, I agree with Mr. Mu's suggestion.

Last year, you invested 500, 000 dollars in our company. Now, we urgently need more investment, and I know you don't have enough money to invest in our company at the moment. Besides, when you invested in our company last year, we entered into a cooperation agreement with each other.

In this agreement, everything was clearly stated. It has been written that other shareholders would have the right to redeem your shares at three folds the transfer price if you couldn't hold a post in our company and make contributions to it.

So now Glen, please don't be too greedy."

At this moment, all other members of Lance's team echoed in agreement. As a result, Glen felt rather lonely and helpless.

Greatly infuriated by what Lance had said, Glen retorted, "Lance, you son of a bitch. Are you out of your mind? How dare you take his side!"

Lance glared at Glen upon hearing his refutation before he responded, "Glen, do you think that I am scared of you? You'd better watch your mouth.

You are bloody nobody. Even if you have some strong people to support you, it doesn't mean you have an upper hand here."

The men sitting beside tried mediating the dispute in a hurry, but both Glen's and Lance's fury intensified and they continued to curse each other.

Without any choice, a man of Lance's

quite glad to have received two million dollars just for returning his shares to Lance's company.

Now that Charles was free, he decided to stroll around the nearby Universal Studios Hollywood with Linda.

For this purpose, he specially rented a luxurious Lincoln car with extended length from a car rental company.

As Linda got into the car, she even couldn't help screaming with great joy and astonishment. Her happiness reflected the luxurious decoration that was inside the car.

The driver was also from the car rental company.

After telling Charles that he could call him by the telephone set inside the cabin, he lifted the partition upward inside the driver's cabin at the front row, to give them privacy.

Immediately, the passenger cabin at the back row became an independent and private space.

Staring affectionately at Linda, Charles said in a gentle voice, "Honey, you've been very tired these days. What do you want to drink?"

He opened the fridge inside the car, displaying a variety of high-grade wine inside it.

Cracking an attractive smile, Linda replied, "Honey, I sure can do with a drink. But you just sit here. I can take them by myself." As Linda spoke to Charles, she took two tins of coke out of the fridge and held them in her hands.

In the meantime, she flashed Charles a lovely smile which depicted the joy she was feeling.

This sweet and naughty Linda made Charles breathless, who thus said, "Honey, you are so beautiful."

Linda shrugged her shoulders and intentionally played cute like a spoiled child, which made Charles burst into laughter.

"What are we going there for?" Linda asked in confusion.

Charles had just announced he would take her to Universal Studios Hollywood, but Linda had no idea about the interesting places and things that would be there.

"I would like to take you to meet some famous celebrities, okay?" Charles responded with a smile while rubbing the bridge of Linda's nose.

Affectionately wrapping her arms around Charles' neck, Linda replied, "Fine!"

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