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   Chapter 1149 Idea

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Giles' words had put Charles in a daze, who involuntarily switched his attention to Kent.

Cracking a smile on his face. Kent explained, "Although I'm Mr. Liu's person in charge in China, we still implement the partner system for our cooperation.

So far, Mr. Liu has two partners in China, including me.

You would become his third partner in China and gain great support from his group if you're willing to join him."

Charles couldn't help smiling and then shook his head. As the CEO of the Mu's Group, he had never thought that someone would poach him face to face.

All that was happening in front of him was so unbelievable for him.

Afterward, he replied in a calm voice, "Mr. Liu, I'm sure that you know, I have my own group.

That is the Mu's Group. It not only ranks in the top one hundred in our country but also occupies certain positions in the global market as well. Therefore, I believe that I couldn't become a member of your group."

Right after hearing Charles' rejection, Kent tried persuading Charles. "Mr. Mu, please rest assured.

You won't have to get involved in the routine management of our group after you join us. Mr. Liu speaks highly of your strategic vision and excellent negotiation skills. That is the reason why he genuinely wishes that you would become a part of our group.

Even if you join us, your businesses in the Mu's Group won't be impacted at all."

After hearing Kent's convincing words, Giles nodded in agreement and said, "Yes. As Kent has said, our group is humane.

We can cooperate with each other in many fields."

Although both Giles and Kent did their utmost to persuade Charles sentimentally and rationally, Charles still declined the invitation.

As CEO of a big corporation, he couldn't allow himself to be ordered or supervised by anyone else.

Of course, Giles was neither offended nor infuriated by Charles' rejection. After all, he exuded an impressive bearing. In spite of Charles' declination, the three of them continued to converse happily.

Very soon, over an hour had passed. Giles looked at this watch and realized the time. He blurted out with an apologetic look on his face, "Look how time flies! I have a meeting that I need to attend to soon. So I'll be leaving shortly.

Kent, please entertain Mr. Mu for me."

Giles then stood up and shook hands with Charles before he left.

Charles and Kent saw Giles off to his car and then went back to the cafe.

Once they sat back down, the two of them fell silent and didn't know what to say.

The atmosphere was a little awkward and embarrassing. Then, Kent suddenly remembered something and said with a smile, "Mr. Mu, I'm going to a party later on.

Would you like to go to the party with me? Most of the people there will be Chinese Americans who are starting businesses in Silicon Valley."

Charles pricked his ears up and was very interested

t about you during that time."

"Well, that's very nice of you. Thank you for the compliment."

Charles was a little troubled at the mention of the Nalan's Group, but he didn't reveal it on his face.

After all, Lenny and Andrew had been plotting a lot against the Mu's Group behind Charles' back. The two of them hadn't made a move against the Mu's Group for a long time now. But they were still planning to take over the Mu's Group. Charles became more vigilant when he thought about those two men.

Kent wasn't aware that the Nalan's Group was a big enemy of the Mu's Group. While shaking his head, he said to Lance Duan, "I saw the products that you developed when I was still in BJ City.

In my opinion, your company could earn a lot from producing and supplying switches. But I wouldn't favor you to run businesses about virtual reality.

To be frank, the technology that you use for virtual reality is too backward. I'm not confident about the development prospect of your company in virtual reality."

Lance Duan wasn't angered by what Kent had said at all. Instead, he responded with a smile, "Kent, no matter how backward our virtual reality technology is, it's still the most advanced in China. Besides, China is such a huge market. It would cost a lot to introduce technology from the United States of America to this market.

I think our company's prospect is still quite promising."

Letting out a heavy sigh, Kent then glanced at Glen Zheng and said, "Didn't you say that Mr. Zheng is your 'Angel Investor'?

You can ask Mr. Zheng to make Series A investments in your company."

Seeing that Kent and Lance Duan were having a good conversation with each other, Charles didn't interrupt them. On the contrary, he just listened to them with great interest in silence.

All of a sudden, he came up with an idea. 'Glen is the angel investor of Lance's team...' A cunning smile crept across his face.

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