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   Chapter 1148 Do You Have Time

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 10024

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It was evening when Charles returned to the hotel from STF University.

That night, after he communicated with Eric and the other founders, Creator Networks formally announced that Sequoia Capital had invested 20 million dollars in it.

This piece of news shocked the whole Silicon Valley and even Wall Street as soon as it was reported.

A lot of journalists swarmed to Creator Networks to interview its three founders. Once these interviews were broadcast or published, all the three founders, including Eric, became well-known in the US.

Many Americans praised and admired them for having made so many great achievements in the internet industry at such a young age.

Of course, many journalists wanted to interview Charles as well.

However, their requests were declined, because Charles thought that it was unnecessary for him to gain more exposure. After all, he wasn't only an entrepreneur, but also an investor. So, it was wiser for him to maintain a low profile when it came to the general public.

Still, he agreed to be interviewed by the two biggest media outlets in the United States.

It was inadvisable for him to decline all media interviews. After all, as the CEO of the Mu's Group, he had to maintain a good relationship with the media. Anyway, Charles was going to head back to his homeland with Linda very soon. After that, they wouldn't be bothered by the news media here anymore.

At the thought of this, Charles felt a little more relaxed because the media had been badgering him all day long.

There were still a few days to go before he left the United States, and he had appropriately arranged his schedule.

First, he was going to attend the World Economic Forum conference which was going to be held here. Charles knew that if his focus was on the globalization of the Mu's Group, he would first have to observe the market as an outsider. This conference was going to take place at the end of this month.

Once it was over, Charles would head back to China with Linda.

Having gained 20 million dollars of investment from Sequoia Capital, Creator Networks immediately began its rapid expansion.

Alan kept the promise that he had made at the time of his investment.

Apart from poaching Josh, the CFO of a big high-tech company, he also helped Creator Networks build their own marketing team.

In addition, two technology talents named Pedro and Jeff joined the technical team of Creator Networks.

After that, Creator Networks further recruited dozens of employees who were assigned to different workgroups.

Soon, Creator Networks was no longer a small team with mediocre employees.

Instead, it was developing into a formal and professional IT company.

Although Creator Networks had been put on the right track for development, Charles still couldn't rest assured, because there was no one he could trust and rely on in this company.

With this worry in his mind, he contacted Wiseman right away and asked him to dispatch Quinn Chen

shake hands with Charles too.

"Mr. Mu, it's nice to meet you.

My name is Kent Zhang. By the way, we are townsmen."

Kent Zhang was an elderly and senior businessman with great prestige in the business circle. Hence, Charles had heard a lot about him. He had never expected that Kent Zhang would also come here for this meeting.

Upon hearing Kent Zhang's greeting, he hurriedly greeted back, "Mr. Zhang, it's nice to meet you too. It's such a pleasant surprise to meet a townsman of mine even here."

After briefly exchanging pleasantries, Giles Liu came straight to the topic.

"Mr. Mu, you're still a young man, but you've made so many great achievements. You're so talented! Now, your business ventures are doing well in the US too. So, are you planning to go back to the homeland?"

Charles nodded. "Of course, I'm returning to the homeland at the end of this month. There are still many matters I have to attend to in the Mu's Group.

I came to the US mainly for the purpose of financing for Creator Networks."

A confused expression appeared on Giles Liu's face. "Mr. Mu, you seem to have more opportunities in the US now.

You've already laid a solid foundation for future business development in this country. I think it will be a good choice for you to stay here."

Charles smiled, feeling flattered. "Mr. Liu, my children and my relatives are in China. In addition, the headquarters of the Mu's Group is there too.

What's more, the domestic market is developing rapidly. There will be more opportunities.

Mr. Liu, I suggest you come back to our homeland with me to take a look at how promising the situation in our country is."

Giles Liu laughed and patted his own lap before replying, "I can't agree with you more. As you've suggested, I've also planned to promote my company's development in our homeland. Since the two of us are so like-minded, I think you could join our group and become one of our partners in China.

What do you think about my idea?"

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