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   Chapter 1147 How Could They Not Be Excited

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8469

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Sequoia Capital had a law department that especially handled agreement matters, so Charles didn't need to think about it.

As long as the agreement was signed, 30 percent of the 20 million dollars would belong to the team of Creator Networks.

After the accounting department handled the transfer of funds, Charles would receive about 2.5 million dollars according to the share percentage he held.

As for the fact that Sequoia Capital was investing in Creator Networks, the news would be announced to the public sometime later.

This was series A.

Sequoia Capital was planning to assign a CFO who would work for Creator Networks.

They also promised to find a qualified operations director for Creator Networks. This was one of Charles's requirements. After all, Eric was not qualified to operate Creator Networks at all.

But the shareholders of Creator Networks couldn't kick out the founders of the company either. Both Charles and Alan weren't willing to do that.

If they did that, it would paint them in a bad light. Next time they tried to invest in a start-up company, it would be difficult as the founders would be wary of them.

This morning, Charles went to STF University.

As he had become the center of attention in the US, Haynes Jiang, the honorary director of STF University, had contacted him, hoping that he could give a speech at the auditorium of the university.

When Charles received this invitation, he was taken aback. He felt that it would be really difficult to give a speech.

After all, this was STF University, the university which had produced more than 60 Nobel Prize winners, more than 20 Turing Award winners and 7 Fields Medal winners. There were so many outstanding people in the university at present, too, and Charles believed that even an ordinary student here would be a talent in his field.

So how could he go and give a speech there?

But Haynes Jiang still insisted on inviting Charles to do so, as he thought that Charles's experience of setting up the Mu's Group and developing it so well would make for a great presentation. Besides, Charles had faced many conflicts along the way. So, a great many students were interested in his stories. Haynes Jiang assured Charles that he didn't have to worry as this was not an academic speech.

It was more like a conversation between friends, so Charles didn't need to feel burdened by it.

Still, Charles hesitated about whether to accept Haynes's invitation or not.

Due to the fact that he had successfully investe


This is how Charles started his speech. Then, he went on to talk about the financing of Creator Networks.

He also talked about the development of the Mu's Group from the market in China to the whole world. The audience listened to him in rapt attention.

"So, the reason why I can stand here today is because the Mu's Group is one of the top organizations in China.

I can tell you without a doubt that in the future, the Mu's Group could be one of the top companies in the world! Now, I can give you all a gift today.

Any student that has graduated from STF University will be given hiring priority as long as you come to apply for a job at the Mu's Group! That's the end of my speech.

Thank you for listening!"

After finishing his speech, Charles took a bow.

Then, the audience, including the students and other guests, burst into wild applause. In particular, Charles's point about STF University students being given hiring priority had made all the students feel very excited.

Nowadays, students in both China and the US felt great pressure when it came to applying for a job.

Even students from STF University couldn't confidently say that they could find a satisfying job after graduation.

But during his speech, Charles had briefly described the Mu's Group.

It was ranked first in terms of working conditions and salaries. Such a company was what all the students were looking for.

What Charles said meant that as long as they graduated, they would be given the priority to be hired by a company where young people would be given both challenges and opportunities and where they would be paid well.

How could they not be excited about that?

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