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   Chapter 1146 We Will Never Be The Same

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7147

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Hearing Alan's reply, Charles refused him immediately. Then he said to Alan firmly, "Let's both step back. 15 percent. It is the most shares we can offer. Alan, you know how many organizations are interested in our company.

Plus, after Top Technology is financed successfully, the whole internet industry will move toward technology, and when that happens, data processing services will be in great demand.

Can't you see the promising future?"

Charles' words were perfect enough to convince Alan straight away.

And this way, Charles could still protect his own benefit.

After a moment of silence, Alan answered, "All right, I agree with you. I'll talk about it with the other members of the board tonight.

Please wait for my call."

Trying not to show his excitement, Charles replied in a calm tone. "Okay. I'll wait for the good news from you. See you!"

Charles had done it! The valuation of Creator Networks was now more than 100 million!

Hanging up the phone, Charles kissed Linda excitedly.

Although it wasn't the first time a company that Charles had invested in had gotten a valuation of more than 100 million, this was the first time he'd invested in the internet industry.

He was pleased that he made such a big achievement in his first investment itself.

A day later, Charles received a call from Alan telling him that Sequoia Capital, having been persuaded by Alan, had agreed about Charles' financing plan!

Trying to calm himself down, Charles picked up Linda and said to her happily, "Sweetheart, Alan just called and told me that Sequoia Capital has agreed to my plan. They will buy 15 percent of the shares for 20 million dollars!"

Linda put down everything she was holding in her hands and hugged Charles. "What? They agreed to your plan? That means the valuation of Creator Networks is now more than 100 million dollars, doesn't it?"

Charles lifted his fingers up with a mysterious smile. "133 million dollars!"

Linda kissed Charles' forehead and said, "133 million dollars! You have 40 percent of the company's shares.

It will still be at least 30 percent after it's diluted do

silent for a few seconds and then answered, "Mikey, I will sell my shares of Creator Networks.

But not now. You should be better aware that this is far from Creator Networks' valuation."

Mikey seemed to sense that Charles hadn't said that with full confidence, so he laughed slightly and said, "Okay, I can wait. But I won't sell the 10 percent of shares. I can offer you some other compensation.

How about I give you another million dollars?"

Charles said mockingly, "One million dollars? I don't dare to accept it, in case you're recording our conversation!

It will be an insider transaction." Mikey laughed heartily. "You really don't trust me!

Let's do it like this, Mr. Mu. I can pay you the price difference of what Sequoia Capital invests.

But you have to make me a promise."

"What promise do you need?" Charles asked.

"When you want or have to sell the shares of Creator Networks, I want you to sell it to me under the same terms!" Mikey answered slowly.

Charles considered it for a moment and then nodded his head. "All right. I promise!"

"Great! It's a deal! Mr. Mu, actually, we are the same kind of people.

I believe both you and I won't be disappointed by this deal!" With those words, Mikey hung up the phone.

Looking at the cell phone in his hand, Charles gave a smile. 'Are we the same kind of people? No, you and I will never be the same!' he told himself in his mind.

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