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   Chapter 1145 How Many Shares Do You Want

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8150

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Charles chewed the cherry that Linda put into his mouth, and then said slowly, "Mr. Alan, if this is all you have to say, I think it's not necessary for us to continue with this conversation anymore. See you!"

After dismissing Alan, Charles gently put his other arm around Linda and proceeded to caress her slim waist.

When Charles was about to hang up his phone again, Alan spoke hurriedly.

"Mr. Mu, please wait. I'm here to listen to your terms. Please don't end our conversation without finishing our discussion!"

Charles pursed his lips as if in deep thought. Eventually his expression gave way to a smile. At last, he got a hook in his opponent's mouth. Being hugged and touched in a seductive manner, Linda blushed and tried to get away from Charles' hold.

Without even looking at Linda, Charles simply put one of his fingers on his mouth and kept silent.

Linda knew that he was speaking to Alan on the phone. Sensing that the call was very important, Linda stopped squirming and allowed Charles to do as he liked. Lucky for her, Charles had only put his hand on her waist and did not do anything else.

After staying silent for a few seconds, Charles continued, "My terms are simple.

You can buy 15 percent of the shares for 20 million dollars. However, you won't have the right to vote!"

Hearing Charles's words, Alan was shocked. "That's impossible!" Still in disbelief, he asked loudly, "Do you think Creator Networks can be worth as much as 130 million dollars? Are you crazy? Or is there something wrong with my ears?"

Charles smiled at Alan's outburst and said, "Mr. Alan, please be calm.

I can explain this to you.

First, Creator Networks is the only instant data processing software in the market right now.

Basing on the company's projections, the total number of registered users will reach more than 3 million by the end of this month. Do you know what this means?"

Charles briefly paused for emphasis and continued, "This means that we already have 20 percent of the total market share.

It is known that the total number of users that need instant data processing is about twelve million."

Alan was feeling impatient and could not help but retort, "You are right, but I am told that Microsoft and Yahoo are about to enter the instant data processing field.

They are such big companies and they can easily catch up to you in a short time. Don't you think so?"

Charles nodded

the internet."

Charles laughed loudly and said, "Dear Mr. Alan."

Before Charles could continue, Alan interrupted and said, "You can just call me by my first name as a friend."

"All right, Alan. As per what you said, I need not to be modest as you are right!"

Alan could do nothing but laugh. He did not think Charles was too arrogant, because Charles had proved how much he understood the internet.

He just never expected Charles could have this kind of black humor.

"Mr. Mu, to tell you the truth, we can't accept your terms of

buying 15 percent of the shares with 20 million dollars without the right to vote. It is too difficult for Sequoia Capital to do that. 20 million is not a big amount for Sequoia Capital, but it is the maximum amount that I can use.

If I buy only 15 percent of the shares, I would have a hard time explaining it to the board of the directors."

Charles laughed and answered, "That is not my business."

"But if you are the leader of Creator Networks, Sequoia Capital will definitely approve the investment.

Unfortunately, I think it is a pity that the team of Creator Networks cannot be trusted."

Charles asked in a low voice, "Then how many shares do you want to buy?"

"In total, I can invest 20 million dollars. 30 percent of the amount could be given to the team of the Creator Networks. The rest of the money could be invested into the company.

Sequoia Capital will have 20 percent of the shares with all the decision-making rights. And both sides need to dilute down their ownership shares by ten percent.

And this should be sold to other employees!"

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