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   Chapter 1144 More Value

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 11098

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One day later, Blackstone Fund held a press release conference, where it declared that it would invest 7.5 million dollars in Creator Networks, the hottest emerging internet enterprise in the United States of America.

In return, Creator Networks would transfer 10% of its shares to Blackstone Fund.

As soon as this piece of news was reported, the whole Silicon Valley and Wall Street were stunned.

Although no internet company had developed faster than Creator Networks, almost all mainstream venture capital organizations had been hesitant about whether to invest in this company or not, because they weren't certain about the market prospect of data processing software.

But under this critical situation, Blackstone Fund had suddenly announced its investment in Creator Networks.

All the venture capital organizations with an intention to invest in Creator Networks were shocked to hear the news. In particular, they couldn't believe that Blackstone Fund had invested a whopping 7.5 million dollars just to acquire 10% of the shares of Creator Networks.

This acquisition price was the same as that proposed by Eric for Alan to acquire the shares of Creator Networks. At that time, Eric had put forward that Creator Networks would be willing to transfer 20% of its shares in exchange for 15 million dollars of investment from Sequoia Capital, but Alan had refused.

Now, Blackstone Fund's acquisition suggested that the estimated market value of Creator Networks was as high as 75 million dollars.

At this press conference, Mikey, the CEO of Blackstone Fund, explained in detail why he had invested in Creator Networks, in the way Charles had told him to.

Charles had asked Mikey to give a thorough explanation about his reason for investing in Creator Networks so that Creator Networks could attract more investments from other venture capital organizations, especially Sequoia Capital.

"In my opinion, our cooperation with Creator Networks will create a win-win situation.

Blackstone Fund, as one of the biggest investment organizations in the United States of America, urgently needs to increase its user loyalty and efficiency of data processing.

As far as we know, in the United States, almost one out of five people use the services of Blackstone Fund.

Thus, our company is overburdened with data processing tasks every day. Creator Networks can ease our pressure from data processing by increasing the efficiency of our data processing systems. Now, our company has entered into a cooperation agreement with Creator Networks.

We've planned to have our companies' accounts connected to each other to jointly provide services."

Alan fiercely slapped his own thigh upon hearing Mikey's explanation. Deep in his mind, he had always been clear that Blackstone Fund was Sequoia Capital's main rival.

To the best of Alan's knowledge, the bulk of Blackstone Fund's revenue came from advertising. So, just as Mikey had declared, Alan already knew that it was crucial for Blackstone Fund to increase its effective users and improve its user loyalty.

And now, it seemed that it could with Creator Networks' software.

But even though Alan could understand why Blackstone Fund had invested in Creator Networks, Mikey's enormous investment for acquiring just 10% of the shares was

ation from Wall Street.

If he hadn't, how could the investment craze have been aroused so quickly? Alan was still confused by this question.

After the phone rang for a few seconds, he heard Charles's attractive voice from the other end of the line.

Then, Alan said in a feigned enthusiastic tone, "Mr. Mu, thank God, you've answered my call."

Today, Charles was in a very good mood. He was lying down and eating cherries with his head on Linda's lap.

After hearing Alan's words, he replied, "Alan, I never expected that you would call me again. What's up?"

Hearing these words uttered out of Charles's mouth, Alan found it really difficult to control his temper.

Ever since he had started working for Sequoia Capital, no one other than Mikey had dared to treat him so rudely. But now, Charles, just a young man, dared to be outwardly rude to him.

Despite his great anger, Alan replied in a gentle voice, "Mr. Mu, we never got around to finishing our last negotiation.

Previously, the Shareholders' Committee of Sequoia Capital had given the approval for Sequoia Capital to acquire 20% of the shares of Creator Networks with 7 million dollars. However, I found that we had underestimated the potential of Creator Networks.

Therefore, I specially appealed to the Shareholders' Committee to invest 10 million dollars to acquire 20% of the shares of Creator Networks.

Now, my request has been approved."

Charles sneered before he responded. "Alan, I suggest you fire your assistant right away.

She hasn't even told you that Blackstone Fund has invested 7.5 million dollars in Creator Networks.

And do you know what percentage of its shares Creator Networks transferred to Blackstone Fund in return? Only 10%."

Laughing awkwardly, Alan replied, "Mr. Mu, I have heard about this.

But I want you to know that Sequoia Capital differs from Blackstone Fund. If Creator Networks accepts our investment, we will promote its growth in different fields. Besides, Sequoia Capital has developed strong ties in the high-tech field.

Therefore, it can create more added value for your company than Blackstone Fund. Please reconsider carefully whether to accept our investment or not."

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