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   Chapter 1143 You Are So Bad

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7365

Updated: 2019-10-26 23:24

In the business field, many successful businessmen did not have much experience in a certain industry, but they could clearly see the trend of the market.

So, finding a good team was as important as choosing the industry one wanted to enter. As seen from the current situation, the three-member team of Creator Networks was not actually good at management.

But due to the originality and the copyright of their products, Charles could not recruit another team.

Firstly, the data processing software developed by Creator Networks was high-tech, though the software had not captured a large share of the market.

If Charles set up a new organization to develop a similar software, it would take at least two months to develop it.

And besides, Charles was not sure that the software could be better than the one that Creator Networks had developed now. Moreover, in two months, Creator Networks would have dominated the market in the US and other western countries.

It would be very difficult to compete with Creator Networks then.

Secondly, Creator Networks had the advantage of being the first one in the market, which was very important in the internet industry.

In particular, when it came to this data processing software, most users would stick to the first software they'd used.

All the software that came later would have to put in a lot more effort to catch up to it.

The gap could be narrowed only if Creator Networks made some mistakes in its development.

Otherwise, it would be a tough task to compete with Creator Networks.

That was why Charles had decided to invest in Creator Networks even though he didn't think the company would run well in the long run.

The purpose of investing in Creator Networks was to make a quick profit.

It was easy for an internet company to have a sheer explosion in consumption. Charles also had another reason for investing in Creator Networks.

By investing in Creator Networks, the Mu's Group could enter the emerging technology industries and venture capital industry.

It was part of the preparation for globalizing the Mu's Group.

Seeing that Eric was embarrassed, Charles did not go further. He thought that what h

ad failed in. That was how Charles and Mikey knew each other.

Charles laughed and replied, "Do you still remember that?

Your public relations people are really wise. They even used your failure in investment to create a buzz! Your advertising revenue has increased by at least 10 percent from last month, right?"

Mikey laughed loudly and replied, "It's so pleasant to talk to you that I almost forgot you're only a young man!

Okay, now, tell me, what is the proposition you were talking about?"

Charles stopped joking and got serious. "I think you must have heard about my investment in Creator Networks.

Now, I have a plan that..."

Charles told Mikey his plan. After Mikey heard Charles's words, he laughed and remarked, "Charles, you seem to be better at doing business in the US than I am. It's a good plan. But why should I help? How does it benefit me?"

Charles answered quickly, "Once Sequoia Capital comes in, your money will be doubled.

This is your first benefit." Charles paused before he continued, "And you can win my friendship!"

Mikey became silent for a short while. Then, he laughed loudly and said, "I don't care about the friendship. But if you can defeat Alan, I'm glad to be in!"

Charles smiled and replied, "So it's a deal!"

Soon, Charles hung up the phone. Looking at the smirk on Charles's face, Linda knew that he had a good plan.

So, she shook her head and said with a laugh, "Sweetheart, you are so bad!"

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