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   Chapter 1142 Develop Well And Survive

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 10545

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Hassan had spent his whole time interviewing job applicants today. Although he finished all the interviews by his schedule, he thought that it wouldn't hurt to add two more men since they had come here.

Thus, he simply replied, "No. Please take a seat."

Instead of sitting down, the two young men walked towards Hassan's office desk, looking at his computer screen which was full of codes at that time.

The older one between the two young man who had been silent the whole time pointed something on the screen expressionlessly and said, "This function is incorrect and there is also a problem with the pointer."

Wondering, Hassan looked at the codes on his computer screen and found that there were indeed errors as the young man said. Scratching his head, he stood up from his chair and replied, "Well, come here. I want the two of you to try modifying the codes."

The two young men exchanged glances. Afterward, the young man with black hair who had spoken first sat down on the chair.

Less than five minutes later, he had all the codes modified.

As soon as the young man finished the modification, he tried running the codes, and at last, the codes worked normally without any bug.

That made Hassan silent for a few minutes. He then stretched his hand to the two guys to give them handshakes and voiced, "Congratulations. You two have passed the interview. May I know your names?"

With a radiant smile, the young man responded, "I am Pedro."

Immediately, the other young man who was older than the first answered in a calm voice, "My name is Jeff."

Now that Pedro and Jeff had joined Creator Networks, the team had become more technically competent.

The two used to be employees of a very famous hacker organization in the United States of America before.

However, both of them preferred protecting cyber-security. Thus, they both decided to quit their jobs and moved to a decent one which was still related to networks.

It was a coincidence that the Creator Networks was hiring personnel for their field, so they rushed here to try their luck with the job interview.

On the other hand, there had been a lot of frustrating things happening in Creator Networks recently. And Hassan greatly thought that the addition of these two young men was a very good thing for their company.

Eric had been extremely anxious, handling different matters, especially those about financing lately.

Over the past three days, he and Parker had been working day and night to draft a new business proposal. At last, they finished their business proposal on time.

The bad thing though was that their proposal was denied right after it was submitted to Alan. He even directly declined the financing request of Creator Networks.

Several venture capital organizations would like to invest in Creator Networks originally. However, most of them had become more prudent after hearing about how Sequoia Capital rejected their proposal. It was obvious that they were now having second thoughts about Creator Networks.

Some of these investors had even withdrawn their financing offers on set.

Meanwhile, some other organizations

a fast-talk. He hoped that Eric could realize how inappropriate it had been for him to neglect Charles in their negotiation with the investor.

Seeing this domineering side of Charles, Parker hurriedly walked over to him and attempted to calm him down. However, Charles nudged Parker away and continued sneering, "Well, now Creator Networks has developed well. And it has accumulated more and more registered users. Are you trying to kick me out of this company, Eric?

I must admit, you have a good head above your shoulders."

Angrily staring at Eric whose face had flushed bright red, Charles added, "Eric, let me remind you.

I am the controlling shareholder of Creator Networks. I've only abandoned some of my voting rights in the daily management policies.

But if anyone acts arrogantly against me, I wouldn't mind exercising my remaining rights as controlling shareholder of the company."

Eric was speechless and fuming at the same time. His face had turned even redder than before.

Meanwhile, Parker was overwhelmed with great joy deep in his mind because he had been angry with Eric's selfishness and arrogance for quite a long period. It was actually a good scene to see Charles venting all his anger on Eric. Nonetheless, he still tried breaking the ice in a hurry after a couple of minutes.

Looking at Eric in front of him, Charles let out a heavy sigh.

He wouldn't have invested in such a team if only he had another option.

His and Alan's investment philosophy was very similar in a lot of sense.

The two of them wanted to invest in creating a capable team with talented members for the other existing businesses of their companies.

With the swift development of modern society, products produced by the traditional photovoltaic industry had been available online by group buying.

Meanwhile, an extensive range of novel things had emerged, including ride hailing software, shared bicycles, and even shared charging points. In spite of fierce competition in each emerging industry, only several competitive enterprises could always develop well and survive.

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