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   Chapter 1141 Are We Too Late

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7614

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Charles said with a smile, "Linda, things have changed a lot now. Before, the internet wasn't as widely used, and many things developed slowly and in a different way. But now, most of the world is connected because of the internet, and most companies can't avoid involving it in their work."

Linda furrowed her eyebrows in confusion as she drove. "But until now, our main investments have been in the real estate, movie, and finance industries. We've only just started to invest in the internet industry. Do you really think the influence of internet companies will be greater than our other projects?"

"The internet is a game-changer. It has almost limitless potential, and we've never seen anything like this before. It's said that the first Industrial Revolution changed the world in 200 years and the second Industrial Revolution changed the world in 50 years. Now, the third one which will be caused by the internet will change our lives in just 10 years."

Hearing what Charles had said, Linda finally started to understand Charles's actions. Linda was smart, so after thinking about it for a short while, she said, "That explains why the valuation of internet companies keeps increasing exponentially. A few days ago, a project which is still in its ideation stage was estimated to be valued as high as 80 million dollars. It is said that both Sequoia Capital and Blackstone Fund intend to invest in it.

This is not like making an investment plan for a regular business venture. It's a game of gambling!"

Charles nodded his head. "Yes, you're right. With the gambling chips on the table growing higher, the companies which don't have enough capital will have to step back."

Linda could not help but shudder. "Charles, would you say that there is an economic bubble when it comes to investment in internet companies?"

Charles contemplated it for a while and replied, "There is a bubble in the internet industry. Moreover, internet companies are developing too rapidly, so the bubble will burst much more quickly than in other traditional industries."

Linda nodded. "Well, nevertheless, the market should still be good for the next two to three years. Investing in the internet industry should be safe during this period of time."

Charles did not remark

nda stopped asking questions. She firmly believed that Charles had already made good preparations before he had started investing in this industry.

Ever since she had met Charles, she had been attracted to his perseverance and confidence.

Now, looking at his face, she still felt fascinated by him. Although they had been married for a long time, Linda always felt warm and happy when she gazed at Charles. This had to be love.

Meanwhile, Hassan, a member of the founding team of Creator Networks, was interviewing more than 10 student candidates. Initially, the plan had been for all three members of the founding team to conduct the interviews. But now, both Eric and Parker were not in a good mood. Eric, in particular, felt so humiliated today that he wasn't willing to see anyone.

So, Hassan was interviewing all the candidates on his own, and it took him a whole afternoon to finish the process. He was purely a technical man, so he paid a lot of attention to the technical knowledge of the candidates. Only 3 of the 11 candidates met his standards.

Hassan put the resumes of the 8 other candidates into the paper shredder. He was about to turn on his computer to continue his coding work when the door to his office was opened.

Hassan looked up and found two young men his age walk in.

Both of them were thin. One was a little taller than the other and had thick black hair. Looking at Hassan, the man said, "Are you still hiring? We came here as soon as we heard the news. Are we too late?"

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