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   Chapter 1138 Full Of Excitement

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6226

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The flight attendants pulled up the window shades to make it easier for the passengers to switch to local time.

Many passengers had fallen asleep and Charles was no exception. With daylight flooding into the cabin, they all soon woke up as the flight landed.

The Mu's Group's branch office in the US was facing some financial problems, so Charles had come on this trip to personally solve these problems.

It was easy for Charles to raise money in the domestic market because of the influence of the Mu's Group. However, things were a little different in the US because the Mu's Group didn't have as much influence there. They were just one of the many fish in the sea.

Although the Mu's Group's branch office was small right now, there was a strategic significance for the Mu's Group to expand its scale and further develop its overseas markets. So, Charles had come here to handle it himself.

The branch office was named Creator Networks. On behalf of Charles, Wiseman had invested a million dollars from its inception. However, the internet industry was a costly one.

Advertisement spending alone came up half a million dollars, and the rest part had been paid to workers and spent on running costs.

So, the branch had run out of funds within a month. Now, Charles had to start raising money for it.

Before reaching the US, Charles had approached many venture-capital firms and angel investors for help.

Out of all these firms, the most famous one was Sequoia Capital.

Sequoia Capital had been started by Don Valentine in Silicon Valley in the 1970s. No one had known him before the establishment of Sequoia Capital. But after that, he had become a legend in the financial world.

Sequoia Capital had invested in a lot of companies that everybody knew about, including Apple, Cisco, Oracle, Yahoo, and Atari.

Alan, the co-founder o


His job was so intensive that common people wouldn't be able to handle it. But Alan had held this job for five years.

There were times when he felt exhausted, but he had no choice but to push himself to work. If he didn't, other elites from Wall Street or Silicon Valley would surpass him.

The law of the jungle said that the weak got eaten. He didn't want to be the weak; he just wanted to be the best.

Alan took out a small pill bottle from his bag. There were several kinds of pills and capsules in the bottle. He picked some of them and swallowed them with water.

These pills and capsules fed his brain and kept him alert. He knew that these medicines had side effects, but he didn't care.

Alan decided to meet the founding team of Creator Networks tomorrow morning. He had studied many start-up firms and thought very highly of Creator Networks. So, he was looking forward to meeting its founding members.

Alan had heard that the biggest shareholder of Creator Networks was a Chinese man. He loved Chinese culture, so he had a good feeling about Charles. Besides, he and Charles seemed to share the same views about investment.

So, he was full of excitement when he thought about the meeting between them.

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