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   Chapter 1137 Lost In Thought

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Upon hearing Linda's voice, Charles smiled and shook his head before he replied, "Madam, you're in the first-class cabin, but I'm in the economy class cabin. I'm not permitted to enter your cabin. And as moral virtues advocate, ladies first!"

With a smile, Linda nodded in greeting to Joseph, who was sitting beside Charles, before turning to Charles again. "Well, Mr. Mu, could you please accept my invitation to have a drink with me?" Linda even winked at Charles after finishing her words.

"But didn't the airline staff say that the air tickets for the first-class cabin seats have been sold out? How can I come to your cabin then?" Charles asked Linda in confusion.

Noticing the puzzled expression on Charles's face, Linda immediately explained, "I asked the stewardess again and she told me that there's a vacant seat in the first-class cabin now because a passenger had an emergency and couldn't board the plane. She said that you could get upgraded to a first-class cabin seat free of charge." Charles hesitated about whether to take the vacant seat in the first-class cabin or not.

Casting a glance at Joseph, he replied, "Linda, I've just made a new friend here and we're having a good conversation. It seems a little inappropriate for me to leave him alone here."

Of course, Charles had intentionally said these words to Linda in Joseph's presence so that Joseph would understand how much he cared about their friendship. As soon as Joseph heard Charles's words, he hurriedly waved his hand and said, "It doesn't matter. Since your wife has come here just to find you, you should of course go with her to keep her company. Anyway, I feel a little sleepy and want to take some rest for now."

Hearing that, Charles nodded in response. Joseph stood up from his seat so that it would be easier for Charles to walk to the aisle. Then, Charles walked to the first-class cabin together with Linda.

Charles was a well-known businessman, so all the staff of this airline were quite familiar with Charles and knew that he was the CEO of the Mu's Group. When the stewardess in the first-class cabin saw Linda walking back to the cabin together with Charles, she quickly went over to them. Then, she politely asked Charles what he wanted to drink.

After ordering a cup of green tea, Charles sat beside Linda and started chatting with her.

The truth was, Linda had asked Charles to come to the first-class cabin because of something important. A foreign woman with blonde hair and blue eyes was sitting beside Linda on the other side. Linda motioned to Charles, who followed her gaze right away.

Then, Linda murmured, "I feel that this lady looks quite familiar. I think I've seen her in Time Magazine."

Right now, Charles and Linda were going to the United States of America to solve some issues about their business. If Charles could get acquainted with this woman who looked like an important p

d no idea what they had talked about.

Shrugging his shoulders, Charles replied, "We didn't talk about anything important, actually. She told me that she could write a letter of recommendation for me so that I could get a chance to study at STF University." Linda's jaw dropped when she heard Charles's words.

"A letter of recommendation to STF University? Michelle seems to value you. Honey, you're always the focus of attention wherever you are."

"Of course. Didn't you already know that? Anyway, STF University's MBA program sounds really influential."

Leaning her head on Charles's shoulder, Linda responded, "Of course, their MBA program is fairly influential. After all, STF University is one of the top universities in the world. If people could buy their way into that university, they would swarm there even if it cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars. In particular, its MBA program for senior managers enjoys great popularity. That's because STF University is a great place for people to develop interpersonal relations and connections. Only a few people are admitted through merit; the rest are admitted by recommendation."

Charles widened his eyes in surprise. "Aren't you exaggerating?"

"Exaggerating? STF University annually receives numerous letters of recommendation from the Vice President of the United States and political leaders of many other countries, let alone federal representatives."

Charles couldn't believe what Linda had said, so he shook his head before he replied, "I never thought that nepotism exists there as well. Interpersonal relations are important in every country. It seems that people get used to yielding and compromising for the sake of benefits."

Linda didn't reply. Charles had been so engrossed in their conversation that he hadn't even noticed Linda falling asleep. Without saying anything more, he gazed afar at the infinite blue sky outside the window, lost in thought.

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