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   Chapter 1136 That Is Not What A Gentleman Does

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7702

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Wiseman brought the bad news to Charles that some problems had occurred to the business of the Mu's Group in North America.

During the past few months, the Mu's Group went well, and Charles had not met a crisis for some time. Now receiving the news from Wiseman, he was surprised. The business in North America had been stable for a long time. What could have happened?

Due to the long distance and the communication problems, Wiseman couldn't explain the details clearly. So Charles decided to go to North America to see for himself.

Charles was worried if he left to go on the business trip without Linda, Ronald would take action against her to try and hurt her. So he insisted on bringing her with him. During their absence, naturally, Wiseman would take care of things at the Mu's Group.

The flight was twelve hours long, which was boring. While the plane flew east above the Pacific Ocean, Charles had read all the newspapers and magazines in front of him. Now he was planning to kill time with a nap when the stewardess came by pushing the trolley with food in it.

Since they didn't book their flight tickets early, there was only one ticket left in first class. So Charles asked Linda to go there alone while he got himself an economy class ticket, which he didn't mind at all.

Charles had ordered the chicken meal from the menu. A middle-aged man that was sitting next to Charles passed him the plate from the stewardess. Charles accepted and said in Chinese with a smile, "Thank you."

But then he realized, perhaps he was presumptuous, and the man might not understand Chinese even though he looked like a Chinese. So he thanked him again in English.

The man smiled and replied, "You're welcome."

Upon hearing his fluent Chinese, Charles explained, "I saw you reading 'Desperation' just now. So I thought you might not know Chinese. Are you a Chinese American?"

The man nodded. "I've been living in America for six years now, and I've settled down there."

Since it was going to be a long time before the plane landed, Charles decided to chat with him.

Charles could tell that the man was well cultured and polite. Then the middle-aged man continued, "I was a journalist in the capital city six years ago. My wife moved to America three years earlier than I. After s

in San Francisco. The housing prices there were astronomical. Even in the suburban areas of San Francisco, the price of an ordinary house would be in the hundreds of thousands. So the average person wouldn't be able to afford it.

Upon listening to Joseph, Charles came to realize something. No matter which country it was, housing prices were always too high for ordinary people. This had become a common social problem. Charles was working out a plan in his mind.

The topics of conversation changed continuously. They moved to the subject of Las Vegas. Joseph was embarrassed to tell Charles that he had never been to Las Vegas in all the years that he had been living in the US.

However, according to him, there was also a legal gambling house in San Francisco. In the US, there were nearly forty states that had opened legal gambling houses. All of them had the same rules as Las Vegas that only adults, twenty-one years and older could enter the gambling houses.

Charles teased him, "You said you'd never been there, but you seem to be very familiar with it!"

Naturally, Joseph didn't mind Charles' teasing. He continued, "I also know that you don't need any ID when you buy a lottery ticket. But if you win and go to claim your prize, they won't give it to you if you're younger than twenty-one. Also, if you're a foreigner and you win, you have to pay an extra five percent tax. "

While they were conversing, a voice was heard. "Mr. Mu, it's not what a gentleman does to make a lady come over to you for a chat!"

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